The Batman TV Spot Teases The New Reboot, New Full Trailer Coming Next Month

We have been waiting for "The Batman" for a long time. Even after director Matt Reeves took over for Ben Affleck, and once Robert Pattinson became our new Bruce Wayne, it took a bit. But the DC Comics adaptation is finally coming out early next year and the hype train is about to leave the station, as evidenced by this new TV spot which, fun fact, contains 0 percent new footage. That being said, its primary importance is hyping up the brand new, full-length trailer that is just around the corner.

The Batman TV Spot

For those who have watched the initial "The Batman" trailer that was released last year over and over again, such as myself, this 30-second spot contains nothing new. It is just a compact version of what we've already seen. Battinson kicking ass. The Riddler being creepy. An extremely dark take on Gotham City. But it's the tail end of the spot that is worth highlighting, as it promises we are getting a new trailer during DC FanDome on October 16. Plan accordingly.

The Batman's New Trailer is Dropping at DC FanDome. Again.

Last year, many festivals and events were forced to go digital and that has carried over into this year as well. This has come with varying degrees of success, but it's pretty safe to say that DC FanDome hit it out of the park. Despite being online, it felt inclusive, with exclusive content people actually cared about and, remarkably, it had a great deal of energy to it. That is something Comic-Con@Home was sorely lacking.

The highlight was the panel for "The Batman," which gave us our first real look at the much-anticipated movie, which will be the first solo movie for the character in nearly a decade by the time it arrives. Because the movie has been delayed several times due to the pandemic, we've circled all the way back to DC FanDome again for Warner Bros. to drop another new trailer. And they're already hyping it up, so we can only hope it's as good as that first trailer. And, more to the point, that the movie is as good as the trailer is making it out to be.

"The Batman" features a stacked cast including Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Colin Farrell as Penguin, and Andy Serkis as Alfred. Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, and Jayme Lawson round out the ensemble.

We'll be sure to bring the new trailer your way as soon as it's available.

"The Batman" is currently set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.