The Walt Disney World Annual Pass Program Is Back, And More Expensive Than Ever

Just as the Disneyland Resort recently announced its Magic Key program, intended to rake in tons of cash from people who pine for the Annual Pass program, the Walt Disney World Resort has announced that it's unveiling a brand-new ticketing program for guests with cash to burn to visit the four theme parks in Orlando any time they want. And it's ... well, it's just an Annual Pass program. But look at that shiny new logo! And there are some other details, but if you're not a Florida resident, you may not be thrilled.

Florida Residents, Rejoice

The new passes were announced earlier this week by the Disney Parks Blog, and will be available for purchase starting on September 8. Now, there's good news and bad news about the four new tiers of Annual Passes announced by Disney. The good news for the cost-conscious among you is that each of the passes — Disney Pixie Dust Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, and Disney Incredi-Pass — all offer monthly payment options as long as you're willing to fork over $205 as a down payment. Depending on the pass you choose, that means you'd only have to pay $19 a month, which is a lot less gruesome than a multi-day ticket can cost.

However, hopefully you live in Florida or you're a Disney Vacation Club member. Why? Well, three of these four Annual Pass tiers require you to fall into one of those categories. Oh, and that monthly payment plan option? It only applies to Florida residents. Anyone outside of Florida, and anyone who's not a DVC member, will have to spring for the Disney Incredi-Pass, which does offer no blockout dates and up to five park reservations at a time. Oh, and it's also $1,299 per person. (Disney Pixie Dust Pass, the cheapest and the one with the most blockout dates, is just $399 in full.) 

Each Annual Pass tier offers up to 20% in discounts on merchandise and food, as well as standard theme park parking. But the cost of these new tiers, compared to previous Annual Pass programs, is exponentially higher. Now, the Disneyland Annual Pass program was a bigger aspect to the Disneyland experience, as Walt Disney World is home to far more tourists than locals. But this is yet another story in a year full of them where the common theme is Disney asking guests to pay even more money that they might not realistically have.

But ... y'know. That logo. It looks great!