Jonah Hill And Eddie Murphy Will Star In Kenya Barris' New Netflix Comedy

If you're going to put together a comedy feature, you might as well aim high and get one of the undisputed kings. Netflix, which seems to operate exclusively under the guiding principle of "Spare no expense," has gone and done it again by rounding up Eddie Murphy to star opposite Jonah Hill in an untitled comedy from Kenya Barris. 

Honestly, what more do you even need to know about it? Consider us sold on the potential of more Eddie Murphy goodness continuing to bless our screens for, ideally, years and years to come.

Murphy Mania

The news comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, detailing the reunion between Eddie Murphy and Kenya Barris after the latter received a screenplay credit on "Coming 2 America," the legacy sequel to the 1988 original Murphy hit "Coming to America" that went straight to streaming with Amazon earlier this year. This project will be Barris' feature film debut, coming from a script co-written by both Barris and Hill (both of whom will also be producing). Barris has carved out a space for himself in recent years between "Girls Trip," "#BlackAF," and "Black-ish" and this production would mark a significant step up in both scale and creative ambition.

We may not know the actual title or plot specifics of this production just yet but their script certainly seems to have a lot of relevant and thought-provoking social topics on its mind, as you might hope to be the case from the talent involved. The upcoming collaboration is described as " incisive examination of modern love and family dynamics and how clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational differences shape and affect relationships. Murphy and Hill will find themselves on opposite sides of some of those divides." 

A buddy comedy starring Hill and Murphy who'll have to navigate between their wildly different backgrounds? Yes, please.

Eddie Murphy clearly remains a big draw among audiences, helping boost "Coming 2 America" to what the studio claimed to be a significantly high amount of streaming views. After spending much of the last decade or so in a hiatus of sorts, Murphy roared back to life with 2019's "Dolemite is My Name" and doesn't appear to be slowing down again in the near future. We most recently brought you the news that "Beverly Hills Cop 4" will officially be a go. We'll keep a keen eye out for updates on this untitled Kenya Barris/Jonah Hill film as they come in.