Love On The Spectrum Season 2 Trailer: Netflix's Surprising Feel-Good Dating Series Is Back This Fall

Last year, Netflix surprised everyone by delivering a reality dating show that wasn't a super horny trash-fest. "Love on the Spectrum" followed a group of young adults on the autism spectrum as they tried to find love. Rather than providing a glimpse into these singles' lives with a pitiful lens, it shined a charming light on how these men and women from all different backgrounds run into many of the same challenges of those who don't fall on the autism spectrum, destigmatizing some of the common misconceptions about this frequently misunderstood group of people. Now the show is returning for a second season, and it looks like there might be wedding bells ringing.

Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Trailer

"Love on the Spectrum" is returning with some new singles looking for love, including two more LGBTQ couples, expanding the representation that was already present in the first season. But there are also some familiar faces from the first season who are still trying to find their soul mate, including some of the most gregarious and outgoing subjects.

Michael, who was "sick to death" of being single, is back. This guy knows exactly what he's looking for and he's not afraid to be direct about whatever is on his mind. He clearly has so much love to give, and hopefully this season is when he finds it.

Then we have Mark, who is obsessed with dinosaurs and everything about them, perhaps to a fault. But he's so kindhearted and sweet that all you want is for him to find someone else who loves dinosaurs as much as he does. In a surprising twist, this season will actually see Mark going on a date with another single from the show's first season.

Chloe is back too, and she was bold enough to express to producers that she wanted to meet Mark. Though Chloe didn't give any indication that she loves dinosaurs as much as Mark, it looks like there might be sparks between these two. In the first season, it was clear Chloe had more relationship experience than some of the other subjects, and she was also the only one who expressed an interest in both men and women. Hopefully that won't be an overwhelming detail for Mark.

"Love on the Spectrum" is based out of Australia, and the first season actually arrived on Netflix the year after the show debuted down under. The second season aired over there starting back in May, but we'll be stuck waiting until September 21, 2021 before we see how these romantic encounters turn out.