The Lost Symbol Trailer: Peacock's New Streaming Series Is Ripped From The Pages Of Dan Brown

From the mind of Dan Brown to the streaming feathers of Peacock, comes a new TV series that will follow the adventures of the young Robert Langdon, the character played by Tom Hanks across three major motion pictures. In "The Lost Symbol," Ashley Zuckerman from Netflix's "Fear Street" movie trilogy steps in to fill the role of the famous mystery-solver. As we draw ever closer to its September 16 series premiere date, Peacock has released a second trailer for "The Lost Symbol," and as you might expect, it's got Langdon on the scene at a landmark in a big city, examining a body (or part of it) that's been left posed like an emblem from antiquity.

"This is Robert Langdon. The suspect called him."

He teaches symbology. To paraphrase Troy McClure, you may know him from such films as "The Da Vinci Code," "Angels & Demons," and "Inferno." Those films were all met with middling reviews, but they never failed to turn a profit, bringing in a combined total of almost $1.5 billion worldwide (on a $350 million budget). Obviously, turning a profit is what Peacock is hoping to do as it seeks to lure more subscribers to its service with this well-known property.

You know what you're getting when you sit down to read a Dan Brown book: a plot rife with conspiracy. Will "The Lost Symbol" be any good? The trailer below gives the flavor of the thing; taste-test it yourself and see if has that certain something.

The Lost Symbol Trailer

One thing "The Lost Symbol" has going for it, besides a ponytailed Eddie Izzard, is director Dan Trachtenberg, who did a bang-up job on "10 Cloverfield Lane," a movie that /Film's Shania Russell listed among her all-time favorites this summer. Trachtenberg has also directed episodes of "Black Mirror" and "The Boys" and he's set to helm the next "Predator" movie. He's behind the camera for "The Lost Symbol" pilot and is also on board as an executive producer along with film series regulars Ron Howard and Bryan Grazer.

The last time I read one of Brown's potboilers was back in 2009 when someone gifted me "The Lost Symbol" hardcover for Christmas. I remember reading it and rooting for Robert Langdon to die. That was the year of the "Angels & Demons" movie.

Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie have developed "The Lost Symbol" for television, and as much as I do like Zuckerman from "Fear Street," they may face an uphill battle getting people to tune in to this show without the usual Tom Hanks star power. Then again, maybe there will be legions of Langdon fans coming out of the woodwork to sign up for Peacock and watch "The Lost Symbol." You know what they say: don't judge a Dan Brown book by its cover.

"The Lost Symbol" will follow a weekly episode release schedule. It premieres on Peacock on Thursday, September 16, 2021.