Intrusion Trailer: Freida Pinto And Logan Marshall-Green Get Paranoid In A Netflix Thriller

Netflix is coming out with a slew of original features, one of which is "Intrusion," a thriller that focuses on a couple who live in a beautiful, modern house. Things don't stay so tranquil, of course — someone breaks into their home and the wife (Freida Pinto) starts trying to understand why and uncovers more than she bargained for.

To get us excited for the film, which drops on Netflix on September 22, Netflix released a trailer that introduces us to the happy(?) couple and hints at the intrigue and danger that Pinto's character uncovers.

Intrusion Trailer

"Intrusion" is directed by Adam Salky and was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the pandemic. The stark and at times isolating landscape of New Mexico really plays up the tension in the trailer. It also emphasizes how alone Pinto's character is in her search for truth, a through-line that the poster hammers home as well:

Netflix's logline for the film also emphasizes the conundrum Pinto's character finds herself in:

When a husband and wife move to a small town, a home invasion leaves the wife traumatized and suspicious that those around her might not be who they seem.

Based on everything Netflix has teased about the film so far, I can't help but think that the husband, played by Logan Marshall-Green, is up to no good. He ends up killing the intruder in self-defense but then keeps telling his wife to move on from the fact he shot someone in their home. I could be wrong, of course — maybe he's just a not-so-great husband! Or maybe there's a dark secret he's keeping from his wife à la the first seasons of "Broadchurch" and "Top of the Lake."

While the trailer doesn't reveal who exactly is holding these dark secrets, it definitely makes clear that the town Pinto's character lives in is more than what it seems. Small towns often are, in thrillers and horror movies at least. And while this is a theme we've seen before, based on the trailer it looks like "Intrusion" has an interesting spin on it. Will Pinto uncover the secrets surrounding her? Or will those malevolent forces silence her before she can uncover the truth? We won't know those answers until it drops on Netflix, and we can sit on the edge of our couches hoping Pinto comes out on top.

"Intrusion" stars Freida Pinto ("Hillbilly Elegy") and Logan Marshall-Green ("The Invitation"). It premieres on Netflix September 22, 2021.