Cool Stuff: NECA's 'Halloween Kills' Michael Myers Action Figure Has Plenty Of Tiny Murder Weapons

This fall, Michael Myers will be slashing his way through Haddonfield yet again in "Halloween Kills." However, as we've seen in the trailer for the sequel to the 2018 canon-wiping franchise reboot, he's certainly seen better days. After being left to burn alive, Michael Myers gets to live another day when firefighters come to put out the blaze at Laurie Strode's makeshift fortress. But that doesn't keep him from getting a little toasted, as you can see in NECA's new "Halloween Kills" Michael Myers action figure that will be slicing through collectible shelves this fall.

NECA's Halloween Kills Michael Myers Action Figure

Here's the official product description for NECA's new Michael Myers figure, complete with his roster of new weapons:

From "Halloween Kills," the thrilling sequel to 2018's hit Halloween movie! This screen-accurate Michael Myers action figure stands in 7″ scale and comes with knives, bat, bulb, skull mask, Halligan bar and interchangeable head and hands... and he'll need it all when the Strode women set out to end his evil reign of terror.

Today I learned that a Halligan bar is one of the tools used by firefighters. But Michael Myers clearly isn't using that tool to break down doors or cut through debris while searching for survivors. In fact, if you watch the "Halloween Kills" trailer, you'll see that there's quite a brutal POV shot of one of the firefighters getting completely eviscerated by the masked slasher. I also love that the fluorescent tube bulb, which looks like it makes for quite a brutal kill, is included as an accessory.

The new Michael Myers action figure is available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store for $32.99. And don't forget, you can also pre-order the film's vinyl soundtrack and snag the burnt mask for a new Halloween costume.

"Halloween Kills" is slated to arrive in theaters on October 15, 2021.