Official 'Halloween Kills' Michael Myers Mask Will Let You Stalk Haddonfield In Style

If someone showed up on your doorstep on All Hallows Eve' wearing an authentic replica of the Michael Myers mask from Halloween Kills, would you be a good sport and play along? Or would you run for the kitchen to grab your own plastic spork?

Or would you run to the Internet to order your own butcher knife prop?

If you Halloween fans are wondering about that nifty new Myers mask we told you about a couple of weeks ago, wonder no more about such things. Because it's official: now you can pre-order (and soon wear) the mask of the terrifying Shape in Halloween Kills. We've got a better look at it, too, from all different angles, courtesy of Trick or Treat Studios.

In case anyone lost count of all the bodies, the upcoming slasher sequel, Halloween Kills, is the twelfth frigging film in the Halloween franchise. In John Carpenter's original 1978 classic, the violent but by no means thoughtless coming-of-age movieHalloween, we first met Michael Myers as a boy in a clown costume. What was and still is truly scary is that the film lets us see things from his eyes in a POV tracking shot as he stalks his sister and her amorous boyfriend through the house.

We don't advise you doing that. This is the reason Michael Myers is a movie monster, you understand? Wearing clown costumes is also liable to freak out coulrophobics. You know, people who have an irrational fear of the Joker and other clowns?

But if you have a need to dress up as the Shape and re-enact that opening scene from the original 1978 Halloween, the new Michael Myers mask from Trick or Treat Studios will help you do that.

Run and Hide, The Shape Takes Shape

As you can see above, The Shape, otherwise known as Michael, is in pretty bad shape: half of his mask is charred, while he suffers from scrapes and bloodstains. This is because ... well, spoiler alert for the 2018 Halloween.

If you saw that Halloween (or even just watched the trailer for its direct follow-up, Halloween Kills), then you know that the movie left Michael Myers trapped in the basement of a burning home. The Halloween Kills trailer shows him escaping and picking off firefighters left and right.

Christopher Nelson, Vincent Van Dyke, and Justin Mabry have sculpted this collector's-item mask to resemble that of its film counterpart as closely as possible. The mask is available from Trick or Treat Studios and will only set you back $69.99. Appropriately, shipping begins on Friday, August 13, 2021.