Cool Stuff: Jingle All The Way Funko POPs And The Official Turbo Man Action Figure Are Coming For Christmas

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It may not be Christmas yet, but it's definitely Turbo Time. 

Funko is releasing a line of "Jingle All the Way" Funko POPs inspired by the Christmas comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, and crass commercialism. That's right, Turbo Man is finally getting his own Funko POP vinyl figure along with a few other characters from the holiday movie. But that's not all, because Funko is also re-releasing the official Turbo Man action figure, just as it appeared in the movie.

Jingle All the Way Funko POPs

Here's the new "Jingle All the Way" Funko POPs that were revealed today. You can pre-order a pack of five of them at Walmart right now for $43.90 if you want (almost) the complete set. It includes a standard Turbo Man and another one where he's holding the Turbo Man action figure that he gives out at the Holiday Wintertainment Parade at the end of the movie. You can also pick up Sinbad as Turbo Man's nemesis, The Dementor.

Amazon also has an exclusive Funko POP of Turbo Man blasting off with his jetpack. But if you'd rather go the civilian route, there are Funko POPs of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad in their plainclothes outfits from the movie, too. All of them are also available for purchase individually at Amazon and other retailers.

However, you might want to save your money for another piece of Funko's "Jingle All the Way" merchandise.

It's Turbo Time!

When "Jingle All the Way" was originally released, there were actual Turbo Man action figures on shelves created by Tiger Electronics. For a long time, they've been selling for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. But now Funko is re-releasing the official Turbo Man action figure as a Walmart exclusive, and it comes in the exact same packaging designed for the movie.

Though Funko is only just now announcing the Turbo Man action figure, it actually started hitting shelves earlier this summer:

Once people started finding the Turbo Man action figures in Walmart store, I tracked one down from my local store. At first, they were selling for quite a bit of money on the secondary market, around the $250 range. But now it's cooled off a bit with people paying a little over double the retail price of $34.99. We're not sure if Walmart will have new pre-orders or additional stock now that the announcement is official, so keep an eye online and call your local stores for availability.

If you have a hard time getting ahold of the Turbo Man action figure, at least the Funko POPs will make for a nice consolation prize. Oh, and there's also some kind of "Jingle All the Way" card game that you can give to your kids while you play with the real Turbo Man.