Marvel's 'Eternals' Unveils Marvel Legends Action Figures, Funko POPs, And LEGO Sets

Now that the final trailer for Marvel's Eternals has arrived, it's time for the merchandise onslaught to begin. The first official Eternals action figures and collectibles have been unveiled by Hasbro's Marvel Legends, Funko, and LEGO, and with so many characters in the cosmic ensemble, you'll need to fork over plenty of dough to collect them all.

Marvel Legends Eternals Action Figures

First up, we have the Eternals action figures from Hasbro's Marvel Legends line (revealed by Yahoo). These are going to be a beast to collect. As you can see, the build-a-figure wave has six characters to collect: Sersi (Gemma Chan), Sprite (Lia McHugh), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), Druig (Brian Keoghan), and Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) are all part of this wave, and once you have them all, you'll have the pieces needed to put together Gilgamesh (Don Lee).

Eternals Action FiguresEternals Action Figures

But that's not all. Outside of the build-a-figure wave, Marvel Legends will also be releasing Ikaris (Richard Madden), Ajak (Salma Hayek), and Thena (Angelina Jolie) as individual figures to complete the Eternals ensemble.

Eternals Action Figures

There apparently aren't enough bonus characters to allow for another build-a-figure, which is good news since collecting all these figures is already going to be a pricey endeavor. That means the Deviant villain Kro is also getting an individual release, and since he's a bigger figure, he comes in deluxe packaging and will likely cost more than the rest of the Eternals individually.

All of these Eternals action figures from Marvel Legends are expected in stores starting on October 1, 2021.

Marvel's Eternals Funko POPs

It just wouldn't be a Marvel movie without a huge array of Funko POPs coming to shelves. With such a larger roster of characters to pull from, this kind of movie is Funko's dream. Ikaris, Sersi, Thena, Ajak, Makkari, Sprite, Druig, Kingo, Phastos, and Gilgamesh are all getting standard Funko POP figures. Some of them have the standard black eyes that most Funko POP figures have, but others have been given golden eyes, indicating the use of their superpowers, However, Gilgamesh gets a rare variant which gives him golden eyes and a glowing weapon on his arm.

Outside of the Eternals themselves, the villain Kro will also get his own figure, and there will be an appropriately jumbo size version of the red Celestial known as Arimesh. But a new wave of Funko POPs from Marvel wouldn't be complete without some exclusives, especially with such a large ensemble.

On the exclusive side, we have a plainclothes version of Sersi from Target, which can be paired with the human character Dane Whitman, who is part of the standard wave of Eternals Funko POPs. FYE and Walmart get exclusive versions of Phastos and Thena respectively, each of them wielding different weapons from their standard variation. BAM! will have a version of Sprite that appears to be partially translucent, and the Funko Shop will have a plainclothes version of Ikaris. Finally, GameStop (or EB Games in Canada) will get one of the snarling Deviant creatures.

With the exception of some of the exclusives, these are all available for pre-order now at various retailers.

Marvel's Eternals LEGO Sets

When Eternals merchandise starts hitting shelves this fall, there will be four LEGO sets arriving on shelves. On the smaller side, there's an aerial Deviant encounter involving Ikaris and Sprite. Meanwhile, on the ground, another Deviant does battle with Thena, Makkari, and Gilgamesh.

In outer space, you can have the Celestial known as Arimesh looking over the Eternals, with Ikaris, Sersi, Ajak, and Kingo included in this set, and there appears to be a smaller, winged Deviant included as well.

Eternals LEGO Sets

But the best set by far allows builders to put together the Eternals ship, named The Domo. Compared to the minifigures, the massive ship obviously isn't built to scale, but it includes some fun details for maximum playability. There are also two Deviant creatures and minifigures of Phastos and Druig added to the mix.

If you want to get minifigures of all the Eternals, you'll be stuck buying every single LEGO set to complete the roster. That's how they get you. These sets don't appear to be available for pre-order yet, and there's no release date, but you can get more details about them over at The Brothers Brick.