'Frogger' Trailer: Yes, The Video Game Is A Peacock Game Show Now

Frogger is the classic 1981 arcade game from Konami that had players trying to get a brave little amphibian across dangerous lanes of traffic and fast-flowing rivers. Now, Peacock is bringing the video game to life as a physical challenge game show in the vein of Wipeout, and the first Frogger trailer shows just how wet and wild things will be.

Frogger Game Show Trailer

Hosted by Damon Wayans Jr. (Happy Endings), with Kyle Brandt (Good Morning Football) serving as co-host, Frogger will have players jumping across a variety of different levels (or "crossings") such as Frog City, Candy Frog Land, Frogs in Space, Frog Skull Island, Ribbit River and Toad Temple. They couldn't come up with any frog puns? Doesn't that seem kinda lazy? Where's Froggy Londontown? Pollywog Bog? Schitt's Croak? C'mon, Peacock!

With mechanized traffic, swiveling and spinning obstacles of all kinds, snapping gators and hungry hippos, crossing each level will be quite the challenge for these contestants who are coming from all across the United States. Along with the physical challenge of crossing the courses themselves, there's also plenty of strategy involved, not to mention a little bit of problem-solving smarts.

So what's at stake? The ultimate Frogger champion will walk away with $100,000. Everyone else walks away with soaking wet clothes, maybe some bruises, and probably a blow to their pride. But if you're going to embarrass yourself, you might as well do it on the least popular streaming service.

Frogger is executive produced by Chris Culvenor and Paul Franklin for Eureka Productions along with Eden Gaha and Fred Birckhead. Here's the official synopsis for Frogger:

The show Frogger brings to life this popular franchise and supersizes it on an epic course! Audiences and contestants alike will be transported into a wild, whimsical Frogger world, filled with all the simple but challenging elements of the mega-hit from Konami. Contestants from across the country will test their talent in a competition requiring skill, strength, strategy, and problem-solving smarts. Who will have what it takes to be America's finest FROGGER and jump away with $100,000?

Frogger leaps onto Peacock starting on September 3, 2021.