Cool Stuff: NECA's 'Halloween II' Two-Pack Brings Michael Myers And Dr. Loomis Back Together

Michael Myers is finally returning to theaters this fall with Halloween Kills, the second installment of the rebooted horror film series that wiped the franchise canon of every single sequel that followed the original Halloween in 1978. But that's not stopping NECA from staying true to the original sequels with a Halloween II action figure two-pack featuring Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis together with some truly outstanding accessories.

NECA Halloween II Action Figures - Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis

NECA Halloween II Action Figures - Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis

Here's the official product description for the NECA Halloween II action figures:

While Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to hospital, and the serial killer is not far behind her. The nightmare isn't over! Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the classic 1981 sequel Halloween 2, this action figure 2-pack includes 7-inch-scale versions of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis!

Both feature digital facial printing for extra accuracy. Dr. Loomis has removable arms so he can be displayed with or without his trench coat. Recreate the fire scene with attachable fire effects for Michael! It's packed with more accessories too, including interchangeable hands, lighter hand for Dr. Loomis, 2 handguns, pumpkin, extra arms for Dr. Loomis, hammer, syringe, knife, scalpel, fire effect, and an extra "bloody tears" head for Myers.

The fire effects that are included with this two-pack are easily the best accessories, allowing you to engulf Michael Myers in flames, just like the climax of the sequel. Plus, even though the trench coat that Dr. Loomis is wearing is a molded accessory, NECA was smart enough to include interchangeable arms, so Dr. Loomis can appear in only his brown suit.

However, all these cool accessories have resulted in a more expensive two-pack than NECA usually delivers. You can pre-order the NECA Halloween II action figures at Entertainment Earth right now for $74.99, and they're expected to ship in January 2022. Don't forget, there will be new figures inspired by Halloween Kills on the way soon too.