Heist Series 'The Unusual Suspects' Coming To Hulu

The popular Australian heist series, The Unusual Suspects, is stealing its way into America via Hulu. I have high hopes the show will be better than the horrible pun I just wrote.

Women Can Steal Things Too, Maybe?

The four-episode series appears to be in the vein of Oceans 8...maybe? According to Varietywomen from different walks of life come together after someone steals a self-made businesswoman's $16 million necklace.

What isn't clear from the available description, however, is whether or not she stole the necklace. That was my initial inclination, but it could also be that the group is only brought together post-heist. Either way, Variety's description of the show promises that the investigation into the burglary "exposes cracks in Eastern Sydney's sparkling façade and provides an insight into the immigrant experience in the region."

Whatever the initial setup, Hulu has bought the U.S. rights and the team behind the series is understandably excited.

"The Unusual Suspects is a fun, female-led drama series which has found an ideal home stateside with our partners at Hulu," said Laurent Boissel and Emmanuelle Guilbart, joint-CEOs and co-founders of the show's distributor, APC. "We are excited to see this comedic caper from the team at Aquarius Films continue to gain momentum and put women's and immigrants' narratives at the forefront of a series in a fresh way."

The Unusual Suspects Cast and Crew

Jessica Redenbach (Spirited) created and co-wrote the show. It stars Miranda Otto (HomelandThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Aina Dumlao (Ballers), and Michelle Vergara Moore (Condor).

APC is a co-producer and a distributor for the show. Angie Fielder from Aquarius Films and Polly Staniford from SBS Australia are also on board as producers.

The series premiered in Australia in June 2021 and was met with strong critical acclaim. A local paper, The Australian, described The Unusual Suspects as "blending the risky class conflict machinations of the Oscar-winning Parasite with the vigorously full-throttle comic delivery of the Coen Brothers' most out-there films."

High praise indeed! The show will also compete at the international TV series festival Series Mania in Lille, France.

No news yet on when The Unusual Suspects will make its way onto Hulu in the U.S. The producers, however, are eager for you to see it. "We hope American audiences enjoy this riotous, hilarious and empowering crime caper which ultimately has an important message at its heart," said Fielder and Staniford.