'The Suicide Squad' Honest Trailer: Sorry For That Other 'Suicide Squad' Movie

The Suicide Squad may have brought back a handful of characters from David Ayer's DC Comics romp from 2016, but director James Gunn has delivered a completely different approach to these bad guys forced to do some good. That's why it's unfortunate that Warner Bros. Pictures didn't do enough to distance this movie from its predecessor, opting only to add "the" to the title and let audiences figure out whether it was a sequel or a reboot or whatever. Because as The Suicide Squad Honest Trailer points out, this movie is weird, wonderful, and worth watching.

The Suicide Squad Honest Trailer

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn may be a completely different kind of character than we saw in either the original Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey. Idris Elba's Bloodsport is certainly nothing more than a simple Ctrl-F replacement for Will Smith's Bloodshot. And the movie may be capitalizing on a joke that was already executed perfectly in MacGruber and landed pretty firmly in Deadpool 2. But The Suicide Squad has a bunch of rats swarming inside the eyeball of a giant starfish from space. So who cares about such insignificant shortcomings in the grand scheme of things?

James Gunn brings substance to these familiar proceedings. That substance may echo the thematic elements of the Guardians of the Galaxy by bringing in a gang of misunderstood freaks and a variety of parental trauma to torment them, but it still works. Do you know how hard it is to make you care about a big dumb shark who likes to eat people and a sleepy millennial who controls rats with a fancy flashlight? There should be special Academy Awards for stuff like that.

The Suicide Squad is in theaters and it's also available on HBO Max for a few more weeks.