'Me Time' Will Unite Kevin Hart With Some Guy Whose Family Sells Hamburgers

As a part of his four-film first-look deal with Netflix, actor and comedian Kevin Hart will be starring in the upcoming comedy Me TimeThe comedy will re-team him with John Hamburg, who wrote Hart's 2018 movie Night School. According to Deadline, it will also see him teaming up for the first time with hamburger salesman and former Funky Bunch frontman Mark Wahlberg.

Taking Some "Me Time"

Me Time marks the first time that Hart and the hamburger man will star together, likely in an attempt to capitalize on Wahlberg's buddy comedy pedigree. You see, in addition to his family's burger empire, he's also an actor who starred in buddy action comedies like Pain and GainThe Other Guysand 2 Guns. This seems a little less action-packed than those, but at least they know he's experienced in making the other guy look good. We guessed that the role might go to another comedian when news of Hart's casting dropped, but hey, at least Wahlberg has been in a bunch of comedies? Maybe he can get his brothers to provide craft services.

The film follows a stay-at-home dad, played by Hart, who finds himself with some "me time" for the first time in years when his wife and kids are away. He reconnects with his former best friend, played by Wahlberg, and they embark on a wild weekend that nearly changes everything. It sounds like of like The Hangover meets I Love You, Man, which could work. Hart plays the straight man pretty well, but it'll be interesting to see if Wahlberg can carry the comedic side of things.

Me Time is part of Hart and his HartBeat Production banner's new multiyear first-look film pact with Netflix. They are now the exclusive home for four feature films starring and produced by Hart, whose movies have grossed more than $4 billion globally. He's been a Netflix staple for years now, with several exclusive stand-up specials on the streamer, as well as the documentary series Kevin Hart: Don't F**k This Up.

Hart's career seemed to be pivoting towards action movies after he was cast in Lionsgate's video game adaptation Borderlands, but Me Time seems to fit more squarely in his comedy wheelhouse.

For his part, Wahlberg has been expanding beyond burgers with roles in Netflix's action-comedy Spenser Confidential. He also has a big-name video game adaptation in the works, starring as Victor Sullivan in Sony's Uncharted

Me Time is expected to film later this year.