The NBA Experience Is Closing At Disney Springs

Some days, even now that theme parks are back and raring to go, there's sad news to report from the world of Disney. Hopefully you've got a box or two of tissues nearby, because Disney has confirmed that the NBA Experience is no more at Disney Springs. Now, take a second or two to gnash your teeth, wail in agony, and rend your garments, before we talk about this.

As reported by a number of outlets, and first broken on Twitter by Scott Gustin, the NBA Experience at Disney Springs — which closed with the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort when the COVID-19 pandemic first reared its ugly head in the spring of 2020 — is closed permanently. Now, some of you may be heartbroken, while many others are likely asking yourselves a very simple question: what ... you know, was the NBA Experience? The overall building was inspired by NBA arenas, offering fans "13 unique experiences that merge the magic of Disney with the thrills of the NBA."

If it feels like the NBA Experience was barely even open at Disney Springs, that is because ... well, it was barely even open at Disney Springs. It opened its doors in the middle of August 2019, and closed just seven months later. As a few folks on Disney Twitter noted, that means that the NBA Experience was open for a shorter period of time than arguably one of the very worst theme-park attractions of all time, Superstar Limo at Disney California Adventure. It's a grim conclusion to a building that has never quite known how to fit in Disney Springs — longtime guests and fans may recall that the NBA Experience replaced Disney Quest, a video-game-themed building that felt freeze-dried in the late 1990s even more than a decade later.

What's Next?

What will come next? For now, Disney has no information to share about what will replace the NBA Experience, but I'd like to shout out one of the many suggestions that Disney Twitter had today.

Dan Cunningham, or @HonuDan, suggested that this space could turn into the South Seas Club, a nightclub from The Rocketeer, and if there is anything the Disney theme parks need more of, it's things themed to The Rocketeer. It'll likely become a new feeding ground for IP, so make it fun. Please?