'The Munsters' Creepy Make-Up Effects Revealed By Director Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie continues to share his love of filmmaking on Instagram this week with more behind-the-scenes images on the set of The Munsters. This time, we get a sneak peek into the special effects makeup!

Despite being across seas in Budapest, Zombie is making fans feel right at home and by his side during the filmmaking process of his remake of The Munsters. His regular posts on Instagram are making everyone anxious about the film's release and everything he's posted thus far seems like this film will be a love letter to the original show from the '60s. We've seen glimpses into the film's costume design and production design, but now we've been gifted images of the film's special effects makeup.

Earlier today, Zombie posted "Lots of Munsters action in the Ex Mortis special effects studio today. These guys are working overtime. #robzombie #themunsters" along with the following images:

These molds look beautiful, don't they? And we finally have a name drop for who is behind the special effects work! Ex Mortis is a special effects studio and Halloween company started by Wayne Toth. He's been in the game for over thirty years and worked on several of Zombie's films including Lords of Salem, Halloween, Halloween II, and House of 1000 Corpses. Toth has also worked on 1997's Wishmaster, Spawn, and The Faculty. A frequent collaborator with Robert Rodriguez as well, I love that Toth even played one of the vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn.

These images are also the first indication that The Munsters remake may be a little dark after all. The last image has the word 'Demon' written in sharpie. I would be surprised if these molds were friendly characters because they look pretty gnarly and intimidating. So it's nice to see a deviation from this sort of Halloweentown and friendly monster vibe to something more sinister.

The Man Behind The Mask

I'm really excited to see a confirmation that Toth is behind the creature design and special effects. In addition to working on film, he's also created large mechanical puppets, props, and robots for the tours of Rob Zombie, Danzig, Alice Cooper, and The Misfits. This guy also created the large bronze memorial sculpture of Johnny Ramone that stands tall in the Hollywood Forever cemetery!

I honestly love when directors collaborate with the same talent over and over again because it helps solidify their distinct style. It's also sort of this heartwarming Hollywood relationship that is symbiotic both on-screen and off. I'm even more excited about the remake now and look forward to what other sneak peeks Zombie will reveal soon!