'Sparking Joy' Trailer: Marie Kondo Is Back With A New Netflix Series

Professional organizer extraordinaire and emotional cheerleader Marie Kondo is back to spark joy in the lives of Netflix viewers. And we can all use more joy these days, right?

Audiences fell in love with Marie Kondo two years ago with her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, based on her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and creator of the KonMari method. This approach to organizing consists of gathering together all of one's belongings, one category at a time, only keeping things that "spark joy," and then choosing a proper place for them to be kept.

Kondo is bringing her beloved organizational methods back to Netflix with a new show, Sparking Joy. Let's take a look at the trailer below:

It does indeed appear that a lot of joy will be sparked in her upcoming series. Here is the show's official synopsis:

Global organization icon and author Marie Kondo is back in the new Netflix series, Sparking Joy. Marie has been helping people spark joy in their homes while transforming their lives in surprising and emotional ways. In this three episode series, Marie takes it a step further by using her life changing method to help three deserving businesses organize their workplace along with an emotional tidy up of one employee's life whether it's in the home, work, personal life and/or relationships. Viewers will also step into Marie's home to meet her family and get a glimpse into how she tidies up her daily life!

Bless This Mess

This seems like a great show to air during the pandemic while many people are working from home. Personally, I can't be productive if my space is unorganized or messy. I also have a weird habit of cleaning my house while the show Hoarders is on. As a fan of organization, color-coding, and downsizing in general, I'm looking forward to seeing Marie Kondo on Netflix again. There's also something really genuine and sweet about her demeanor. Even when she is shocked, she has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Cleaning up and organizing can be an extremely stressful endeavor for so many people and Kondo is a perfect counterbalance to those negative emotions.

There's a Chuck Palahniuk quote from Fight Club that says "The things you own end up owning you." It seems like this is a very American mentality and a reflection of how our culture puts such a strong emphasis on material possessions. So it's refreshing to see Kondo's approach that is inspired by the Shinto religion which views organization and cleaning as a spiritual practice. It values treasuring what you have; treating the objects you own as not disposable, but valuable, no matter their actual monetary worth; and creating displays so you can value each individual object.

Sparking Joy will premiere on Netflix on August 31, 2021.