'The White Lotus' Star Jake Lacy Would Love To Return For Season 2

Writer/director Mike White introduces audiences to a familiar type of villain in his social satire White Lotus. Actor Jake Lacy, who starred as one of the most obnoxious and painfully prominent characters in the series, said that he would love to do it again.

If you haven't seen White Lotus yet, queue it up on HBO and watch it immediately. Beware, there is a spoiler in the last paragraph of this article.

To recap, White Lotus is a dramatic dark comedy and social satire that follows several characters in a luxurious Hawaiin resort. There is the rich white family away on vacation, the manic hotel manager who secretly despises many of his guests, a grieving and co-dependent wealthy white woman, local hotel employees, and a newlywed couple away on their honeymoon. Nearly every character is a poster child for selfishness, entitlement, and greed in their own right.

A Schmuck by Any Other Name...

Lacy stars as Shane Patton, a spoiled rich kid who accompanies his wife, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), to the White Lotus in order to celebrate their honeymoon. However, Patton begins to unhinge when he is booked for the incorrect suite. His socialite mother, Kitty (Molly Shannon), reserved the most pristine suite on-site for them and Patton relentlessly complains about the mix-up throughout the entire show.

You might consider Shane Patton to be a male version of a Karen. He is rich, entitled, used to getting what he wants, having others cater to him, and sailing comfortably through life with his white privilege. Lacy told The AV Club that he would "100 percent" come back as Shane for season two, and gushed over working with White by saying:

"I just loved working with Mike. I just think his writing and directing and his brain are like — I want to spend the most time in that world, whether it's like season two of White Lotus or some other thing, I would be back there."

Lacy went on to explain how he would like to be a part of season two along with his mother, Kitty. He said,

"I was texting with Molly last night before the finale because she hadn't read ahead; she was like, 'I just want to see it. And I was like, 'Man, I hope that we get to come back, like, just in the back of a shot.' Seeing us berating someone at the Sky Lounge or getting into it with the valet. Just something to be like, 'Oh, God, those people are still out there. They're still just doing their f**king thing. Like Jesus, enough is enough.' Or I hope that I hope that they follow [Kitty]. I hope she has a major thing in the second season. I think that would be amazing."

Portrait of Privilege

White Lotus is as infuriating as it is captivating. The show is more of a character study on racism, elitism, and classism. It lures you in as a murder mystery but the appalling characters keep audiences coming back for more.

What's really sad is that we know these people: The person whose biggest worry is being a trophy wife, the guy who is mean to service industry staff, and the materialistic matriarch who coddles her son. Hell, even the rich white guy who can get away with murder. It makes sense that a second season is in the works because these characters are universal, especially in America. As for how that would look, sure, I'm curious to see more of Molly Shannon. Lacy would be fun to see again as a secondary character, but damn, I can't deal with any more Shane Patton because I see him too much in reality.

Personally, I'd love to see season two take place within a Native American resort or sweatlodge retreat (think Jared Leto emerging from a resort and not knowing there is a pandemic). It's long overdue that we have more conversations and stories about Indigenous cultures and how American history is embarrassingly white-washed. It would also allow more Native American writers, actors, and directors to share their experiences about the treatment they've endured.