'Wild Indian' Trailer: One Of The Year's Best Movies Arrives In September

Wild Indian is one of the best films of the year, and you're going to get to see it soon. Next month, in fact. This drama stars Michael Greyeyes as a self-loathing Anishinaabe man with a dark secret from his past. And, like most past dark secrets, it's about to catch up to him. Wild Indian is dark, harrowing, and full of incredible performances – and I urge you to seek it out. But first, watch the trailer below.

Wild Indian Trailer

I caught Wild Indian earlier this year at the virtual Sundance Film Festival, and it completely blew me away. I went into the movie knowing almost nothing and came out stunned at the what I had just watched. This is a small, quiet movie, and we could all use more of those in this era of endless blockbusters and branded IP. But more than that, it's an expertly crafted drama with immensely effective performances – particularly from lead Michael Greyeyes, who is so damn good here it's kind of scary.

In Wild Indian, "Decades after covering up his classmate's murder, Michael (Michael Greyeyes) has moved on from his reservation and fractured past. When a man who shares his violent secret seeks vengeance, Michael goes to great lengths to protect his new life with his wife (Kate Bosworth) and boss (Jesse Eisenberg) from the demons of his past."

Michael Greyeyes, Chaske Spencer, Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth, Lisa Cromarty, and Hilario Garcia III star in the film, which was directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. Look for Wild Indian on September 3, 2021.

Why You Should Watch out For Wild Indian

Wild Indian is being sold as a "thriller," and while there are certainly thriller elements in the film, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea here. This isn't a big mystery movie or anything of that nature. It's a quiet, contemplative film with bursts of violence and anger, and it will burn its way into your soul if you give it a chance. As I wrote in my review (which you can read right here):

Written and directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr., Wild Indian is a singular achievement; a film so raw and centered that it dares you to look away from scenes that simmer and burn. It's too early in 2021 to jump the gun and start calling out "best of the year" material, but Wild Indian certainly deserves to enter the conversation. It's a film you won't soon forget.