'Star Wars' Series 'Ahsoka' On The Hunt For A Live-Action Sabine Wren

First it was the beloved Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano who made the jump from animation to live action. Now she'll be having some interesting company of her own, as the similarly fan-favorite Sabine Wren looks to be following in her footsteps in a development that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser for fans of the animated shows.

In a larger article about Brad Winderbaum's plans as the head of streaming, television and animation at Marvel Studios, The Hollywood Reporter includes a fascinating tidbit about Lucasfilm's intentions for Sabine Wren (previously voiced by Tiya Sircar), a character long-rumored to star in a live-action series of her own after initially exploding onto the scene in the popular Star Wars Rebels animated series. Reportedly, the studio is now gearing up for the upcoming Disney+ series Ahsoka and has commenced the search for an actress to star as Wren opposite of Ahsoka, who has been voiced by Ashley Eckstein and portrayed by Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian.

The mere suggestion of a live action Sabine Wren casting, and the implication that she'll be joining up once again with Ahsoka, points towards several compelling directions that this highly-anticipated Star Wars series could go in. One thing's for sure: the live-action Star Wars shows on Disney+ will continue to feature even more close ties and continuations with Star Wars Rebels.

What Sabine Wren Means for the Future of Star Wars

The last season of The Mandalorian turned into a reunion special of sorts for in-the-know fans, (re)introducing Ahsoka Tano as one of the very few remaining Force-users to help Mando (Pedro Pascal) with the training of Baby Yoda. Star Wars aficionado Dave Filoni had direct involvement with that episode, directing the action after creating the character in the realm of animation in the first place. Though her appearance and backstory were somewhat confusing to general audiences, Tano was continuing her search for the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn and helped tie together the presence of the Darksaber.

Now, Lucasfilm seems intent on maintaining the continuity of previous Star Wars animated shows, but now in live-action. In particular, the epilogue of Star Wars Rebels concluded with the character of Ezra Bridgers missing in action and the promise of Ahsoka and Sabine Wren teaming up on a quest to find him. By all indications, this Ahsoka will dive even deeper into Star Wars lore than The Mandalorian did and directly pick up on that Rebels cliffhanger. Both Bridgers and Thrawn have previously been rumored to appear in live-action at some point, with Ahsoka now looking like the most natural landing spot.

The future of Star Wars is increasingly connected. Casual fans (like me!) would be well-advised to brush up on their knowledge if they want to be as well-prepared as they can be for the upcoming Ahsoka series.