A Starfleet Academy Series Aimed At Younger Audiences Is In The Works At Paramount+

We seem to be right in the middle of a Star Trek revival of sorts, with plenty of new projects either airing or currently in various stages of development across multiple different mediums. There's something of everything for fans of all ages and interests, with Lower Decks focused on more comedically-inclined demographics while Discovery continues to deliver on slightly darker and more adult drama. There's even hope for more cinematic adventures on the big screen. We can now add one more Trek production to that ever-growing list, as it certainly appears that a Starfleet Academy show is in the works as well.

A recent article in The New York Times (via CBR) would seem to confirm that Paramount is developing a series set in Starfleet Academy, the training grounds for Star Trek officers-in-the-making seen throughout various shows and the recent movies, and will be marketed towards younger audiences (along with further confirmation of a "Section 31" series, the Michelle Yeoh-focused spin-off of Discovery, as well as a tease for a possible Worf-centric project described as "incredibly funny, poignant and touching"). There's no word on whether this Starfleet Academy show will be another animated series or a live-action one, but it sounds promising either way.

Alex Kurtzman is currently tasked with overlooking all facets of this Star Trek universe and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, saying, "I think we're just getting started. There's just so much more to be had." In referencing the cross-media potential that the franchise still possesses, Kurtzman further explains just how much storytelling opportunities there is in general:

"I do believe that the line between movies and television is gone now, and that to me is a tremendous opportunity. For me and for showrunners like me, we can tell stories in a new way. We are not limited by the narrow definition of how you tell a story — something must be told in 10 hours, or something must be told in two hours."

Star Trek is for Everyone

The idea that the proposed Starfleet Academy show would be geared towards younger audiences is reason enough to look forward to the project. It's easy for fans to forget, but the reason many people fell in love with Star Trek in the first place is because of shows like The Original Series or The Next Generation that were easily digestible for children while ensuring that they would be rewarding for sci-fi inclined adults.

As someone currently making his way through Deep Space Nine for essentially the first time, the sheer variety and diversity across so many levels of storytelling helps keep episodes fresh and exciting. So don't worry about "too much Star Trek." As long as the ideas remain interesting and faithful to the spirit of the franchise's ideals, the more the merrier!