Billy Eichner's 'Ex-Husbands' Heads To Amazon

Billy Eichner just announced that his upcoming romantic comedy, Ex-Husbands, has found a home at Amazon Studios. The movie about two gay men pursuing a divorce is exciting for so many reasons, chief among them being it's a groundbreaking addition to LGBTQ+ mainstream cinema and the thriving subgenre of divorce cinema.

Nothing screams romance quite like divorce, amirite?

Seriously, titles like Kramer v Kramer, Scenes From A Marriage, and Marriage Story are beloved for good reason. Devastating as they are, divorce stories are very much about love, even its end. If that's sounding a little too bleak, Eichner has it covered — Ex-Husbands is decisively a comedy.

The Billy On The Street creator is famously hilarious as he frequently reiterated throughout the five seasons of the show, along with his roles on Bob's Burgers, New Girl, and Friends from College. To help work on the project, Eichner is teaming up with an extremely talented crew which he expressed excitement about in the film's official announcement. Eicher told Deadline:

"The concept of a big, gay divorce comedy has been kicking around in my head for years and I cannot think of better collaborators than groundbreaking producers Greg and Sarah, and a true icon whose work I have craved and admired since I was a young gay boy lusting after show business, the brilliant Paul Rudnick who really paved the way for me and many others. And we now have the perfect partners in Amazon, who have already shown enormous passion for this project. This is a dream team. Now, LET'S GET DIVORCED!!!"

You Heard Him, It's Divorce Time!

Ex-Husbands follows Daniel and Connor, two men who were once madly in love but are now in the midst of a messy, emotional divorce. As if separating isn't complex enough, the exes have to deal with being in the spotlight because they were NYC's first legally married gay couple and became the poster boys for LGBTQ+ love and acceptance. This makes their divorce exponentially more epic (and more public than any breakup should be). It's been described as a "War of the Roses-style battle for the ages" as they viciously fight to become Ex-Husbands.

The film's story is credited to Eichner and Paul Rudnick, with the former having penned the screenplay. Eichner is also attached to star in the film, which he'll produce alongside Berlanti/Schechter Films.

This isn't the only groundbreaking project coming from Eichner. Earlier this year, he announced his upcoming Judd Apatow-produced, Nicholas Stoller-directed rom-com Bros about two men with serious commitment issues deciding to settle down together. The film is slated to release in theatres on August 12, 2022, reportedly making Eichner the first openly gay man to write, star in, and produce a comedy for a major Hollywood studio.

If Eichner's celebratory tweet is anything to go by, both movies will not only be hilarious but the perfect amount of uncomfortable.