Rob Zombie Reveals More Wardrobe And Makeup Details For 'The Munsters'

Rob Zombie has been regularly updating fans on Instagram with behind-the-scenes photos from Budapest while on set for The Munsters. To beat the Monday blues, Zombie posted an update on Herman and Lily Munster's flashy wardrobe as well as the completed mold for Herman's signature headpiece.

If you're out of the loop, Rob Zombie is in the process of adapting the beloved 1964 television show The Munsters for the silver screen. He is currently in Budapest working on the set design and wardrobe design all while updating fans via his personal Instagram page. Today, Zombie posted a couple of photos to elaborate on Herman and Lily's wardrobe as well as the final mold for Herman's Frankenstein-style headpiece.

The Fashion Match of Our Nightmares

Zombie posted the following photos with the caption: "Things are really heating up in the wardrobe department here in Budapest. Here are a few quick glimpses."

Let's pause and admire these beauties. The first image has some really clean stitchwork and continues the bat motif seen throughout the original and remake's wardrobe choices. Lily most notably wears bat designs because of her vampire origins, but if this is a jacket worn by Herman then that's a really sweet touch that speaks to how much he loves his wife. The collar on the cape makes me think that piece is for Grandpa Munster. Vampires are the only ones I want to see with a collar popped so I'm into it.

These two costume pieces are probably Lily's. I can easily see her wearing this moss green number as an elegant cloak. The shawl is also pretty cool and similar to her nighttime wardrobe's spiderweb design. Assuming Sheri Moon Zombie will be cast as Lily (which is not yet confirmed), this kind of shawl would look really pretty eclipsed against her fair skin.

Zombie also included the concept design for Lily and Herman's formal attire with the caption: "A couple more pieces of classic wardrobe that are in the works. Herman and Lily have quite the extensive array of outfits in THE MUNSTERS."

Y'all, I am obsessed with these sketches. Lily's outfit looks like something straight out of Interview with the Vampire with this sense of feasibility for traveling but also appears to be elegant as hell. The purse is also fantastic! I love how it's still designed like a bat but not in the typical sense or what we usually see Lily sporting. I'm also really into Herman's suit. It sort of has this hipster goth vibe, but it works. These sketches make me further hypothesize that the film will be in color.

The last image Rob Zombie shared with audiences is the final mold of Herman's head. Zombie captioned the photo: "Good old Herman's flathead appliance is out of the mold and ready for painting. ????? #robzombie #themunsters #budapesthungary??"

There is still no word on the make-up artists and costume designers, but they're doing a badass job, to say the least. The mold looks pretty much identical to Herman's head in the original series.

A Flare for the Undead

Rob Zombie has always had a unique style and his movie characters have notoriously donned signature looks. From Baby Firefly's long, curly blonde locks and sexy dresses to Captain Spaulding's circus attire and Laurie Strode's tattered punk look in Halloween II, Zombie clearly understands the importance of costume design as a way to enhance his characters. While it can be a bit on the nose at times, he possesses a really good eye for how to convey a character's emotional journey through their clothing.

With that said, The Munsters TV series itself does not go deep into heavy themes. Like most sitcoms of the '60s, the comedy and challenges are all fairly tame. In a way, I hope that Zombie maintains that sort of innocence. At the same time, this is Rob Zombie we are talking about. Naturally, I can't help but hope that he pushes the envelope and really brings depth to these characters beyond what we have seen on the surface.