'Space Jam: A New Legacy' Honest Trailer: How Many Commercials Can You Cram Into One Movie?

For 25 years, fans have been waiting for a sequel to the live-action animated hybrid slam dunk of a movie that was Space Jam. But for the longest time, there was no point in making one without a basketball star to match up to the legacy of Michael Jordan. Then LeBron James came along, and even though he's not as good of a basketball player, he's at least a somewhat better actor in Space Jam: A New Legacy. It's just a shame Warner Bros. Pictures decided to make a feature length commercial instead, and the Honest Trailer shows just how exhausting this can be, especially if you're the director of the original Space Jam.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Honest Trailer

LeBron James may be a complete goofball off the court, but in Space Jam: A New Legacy, he's an overbearing Dad who plays the game without any joy or excitement. Plus, he couldn't give two s***s about what his son Dom wants, leaving him to be seduced by the artificially intelligent algorithm cleverly named Al G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle). Why does that sound familiar? I know I've heard a story like that before but I just can't put my hook on it. Anyway, at least Michael Jordan actually cared about his kids in the original Space Jam and didn't need to be reminded how to be a good father.

Despite the fact there's an endless amount of product placement throughout the movie, whether it's from all the brands that support LeBron James or any intellectual property that Warner Bros. Pictures owns, I must say that some of the character references weren't nearly as in-your-face as I thought they might be. I assumed there would be a lot more random focusing on the massive roster of characters in the crowd, but the movie actually keeps most of the focus on the nonsensical NBA Jam rip-off. That's a shame, because I'd really like to see how a confrontation with The Mask and the rapists from A Clockwork Orange would turn out.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is available in theaters and on HBO Max right now.