'Archer' Season 12 Trailer: Archer And The Gang Save The World...Again

Call Kenny Loggins, because it's time to go back to the Danger Zone! FX has debuted the Archer season 12 trailer, featuring plenty of call-back jokes, an adorable baby gorilla, and some great moments with the whole gang.

Welcome to the Jungle

Archer has gone just about everywhere in its previous 11 seasons. After being the world's (sort-of) greatest spy agency for a number of seasons, the characters tried becoming black-market drug dealers. After that, they jumped around through various spy concepts in a comatose Sterling Archer's mind. Archer, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, awoke from his coma in season 11, and this season will likely see him continuing to grapple with how much things have changed.This season, it looks like Archer and the gang will take on some new spy work, including something ecological. While this isn't the crew's first trip to a jungle terrain, it is the first time Archer's had a pet baby gorilla. We see him trying to teach the little guy the sign language for "phrasing" in the trailer, so hopefully he sticks around longer than Babou the ocelot.

There's quite a few guest stars reported to be in this season, including Pamela AdlonEric AndréBruce Campbell, and Harvey Guillén, though they aren't obvious in any moments from the trailer. Also missing is Archer's daughter, A.J. (Kimberly Woods), a pre-schooler with a predisposition for badassery.

Saying Goodbye to a Great

The best thing about this trailer is that the gang's all here. The glue that's helped the series stay strong for 12 seasons is the incredible cast, and it feels good to see them back in action. On top of Benjamin's Archer, we get a glimpse of Aisha Tyler as the perpetually annoyed Lana Kane, Amber Nash as the boisterous Pam Poovey, Judy Greer as eccentric aristocrat-cum-secretary Cheryl Tunt, creator Adam Reed as cyborg sassmaster Ray Gillette, Chris Parnell as the bumbling Cyril Figgis, and Lucky Yates as the mad scientist Dr. Krieger.

We also get a glimpse of series matriarch and queen of shade, Malory Archer, voiced by the late Jessica Walter. Walter died in March 2020 at age 80, but reportedly recorded lines for this season shortly before her death. Her level of involvement in this season is still unknown, but simply seeing the character and hearing her voice again feels like a comfort. It's unknown if any of the episodes were reworked in the wake of Walter's passing, but it may signal the series' end. Archer without Malory doesn't feel like Archer.

You can catch Archer season 12 when the first two episodes premiere on August 25, 2021 on cable via FXX, or streaming the next day on FX on Hulu.