Cool Stuff: 'WandaVision' Poster By Ruiz Burgos Brings Together An Unusual Couple

If you missed out on the spectacular WandaVision posters released by Bottleneck Gallery back in June, Grey Matter Art is giving you a chance to bring home another incredible piece of artwork inspired by the Marvel Studios series. Artist Ruiz Burgos has created a WandaVision poster that celebrates the classic sitcom beginning of the unconventional Disney+ show, featuring Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they settle into their happily ever after. But if you look at the table, a certain item stands out.

WandaVision Poster by Ruiz Burgos

WandaVision Poster by Ruiz Burgos

WandaVision by Ruiz Burgos
24" x 18" Hand-Numbered Fine Art Giclee (Cold Press Natural)
Edition of 150
Printed by Grey Matter Printing


Burgos explained in a post on Facebook, "I loved the vintage style of the first episodes of Marvel's WandaVision, and after watching them I needed to paint them honoring that feeling." He really captures that classic sitcom style in black and white, and the detail on Wanda and Vision is truly remarkable.

Leaving Scarlet Witch's headband in color on the table is a nice subtle tease of what will eventually upend this happy couple. Though I admit that having Agnes peeking out from the side of the poster, or looking in through an outside window, would have been a fun touch. But I still love how this poster lingers on the brief happy ending that these two enjoyed before everything started to go off the rails.

If you want to get your hands on this WandaVision poster by Ruis Burgos, it will go on sale at the Grey Matter Art online shop starting at 1:00 P.M. ET today, July 29. But since there are only 150 copies available, you'll want to act fast to secure an order for yourself. WandaVision fans have been hungry for any artwork out there inspired by the Marvel Studios series.