John Cena Thinks It's Inevitable He'll Battle The Rock, Either In The DC Universe Or A 'Fast' Movie

John Cena has squared off against other professional wrestlers, Transformers, Dominic Toretto, and even a giant starfish kaiju in his acting career thus far. He'll probably fight you or me before it's all said and done too, because who could possibly stop the man at this point? Cena's quest to fight everyone in Hollywood isn't slowing down anytime soon, as he's set his sights on fellow DC actor Dwayne Johnson next.

On A Crash Course

While promoting both The Suicide Squad and his upcoming Peacemaker spin-off series for HBO, Cena talked to Comic Book and the conversation turned to his thoughts on reuniting with that certain other wrestling star-turned-action-hero. With Johnson finally suiting up as Black Adam for the DC universe, would it be entirely outside the realm of possibility for the two to face off against each other on screen? And if not in the superhero arena, then how about Fast & Furious? Cena responded:

"Please tell me what [Dwayne Johnson's] answer is. You know me. Ready, willing, and able. And answering the phone whenever it rings. I'm good. I think that the excitement is starting to build with fans, whether you talk about the conversation of Fast, or you talk about now the DC Universe. I don't want to say we're on a crash course and it's inevitable. I want to because I'm a fan. But we'll see. We'll see what happens. Tell me what he says."

Cena's marketing instincts are still fully set in Wrestling Mode, it would appear. Not that we can blame him, anyway, since that specific question definitely calls for some exaggerated bravado. Maybe superheroes and wrestling aren't all that different after all!

With The Suicide Squad set to release very soon (our review for the film just dropped), Cena also remarked on how whether it was any different to go from a James Gunn-led film production to the James Gunn-led television series, Peacemaker. For his part, Cena tells fans not to worry about any dip in quality between the two.

"Well, you have the same writer, the same creator. James directed a lot of episodes, and certainly, he's involved heavily with production. So I think if you like what you see in The Suicide Squad, you're going to be able to lean into more of those moments on HBO Max with Peacemaker."

Black Adam remains a ways off, currently scheduled for a July 29, 2022 release. The Suicide Squad , however, is the very next DC offering and will arrive in theaters on August 6, 2021. Expect the HBO Max Peacemaker series to drop on the streaming service in January 2022.