Steven Spielberg's Autobiographical Film Adds Judd Hirsch, Jeannie Berlin, And More

Steven Spielberg continues to round out the cast for his next movie, which is a much more overt autobiographical story than we've seen before from the iconic filmmaker. He's now adding three more established names to the ensemble cast and it's as impressive as you would expect.

According to Variety, veteran actors Jeannie BerlinRobin BartlettJonathan Hadary, and, last but certainly not least, Judd Hirsch will be joining Spielberg's latest. The film follows a young aspiring filmmaker in Arizona (you get one guess as to who that's meant to represent) and his dealings with his larger family. All four of these actors are apparently playing older family members of the young man, adding a generational feel to the production that will surely lend further meaning to Spielberg's unparalleled oeuvre in retrospect.

Berlin is most well-known for her role in The Heartbreak Kid (for which she received an Oscar nomination) as well as the series The Night Of. Bartlett and Hadary both made their marks in theater plays before going on to enjoy successful careers in various television series and films. And of course, Hirsch starred in the hit comedy series Taxi in the late '70s and early '80s before becoming most famous for his delightful performance as Julius Levinson in Independence Day.

Spielberg's The Fabelmans

We've known for quite some time now that Spielberg's film, loosely based on his own childhood and written by regular screen partner Tony Kushner, is currently operating under the title of The Fabelmans. Starring Gabriel LaBelle (The Predator) as the Spielberg analogue, the film also features Paul Dano and Michelle Williams as his fictional father and mother. Julia Butters plays the main character's sister, while the family is rounded by Seth Rogen, intriguingly enough, who is set to play a character based on Spielberg's favorite uncle.

Obviously, the idea of family has played an integral role in many Spielberg productions and, specifically, his relationship with his father has greatly influenced much of his work. Personally, I'm most curious about how this film might add whole new layers for us to unpeel when it comes to Spielberg's overall filmography. Much of his personal story is commonly known, but the fine details interpreted by the director himself could be absolutely fascinating to see for anyone who calls themselves a Spielberg fan.

Production is currently ongoing and a theatrical release for The Fabelmans is currently set for 2022.