'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 7 Clips Tease What's Next For The Zombie Spin-Off Series

There's more walking deadness coming your way. During this weekend's Comic-Con@Home, the Fear the Walking Dead panel announced that the show's seventh season is coming back October 17 and dropped two teaser clips to tide us over until then.

Morgan and Grace

Things blew up (literally) at the end of season 6 when a bunch of nuclear weapons detonated near Fear's characters. Now the survivors not only have to deal with zombies walking around trying to eat them, but with the ramifications of nuclear fallout.

In the first clip, we see how Morgan (Lennie James) and Grace (Karen David) are dealing with the aftermath with the new baby they found.

The scene shows Grace and Morgan trying to soothe a crying baby. The baby is hungry, and so Grace must don a hazmat suit and brave the nuclear wasteland outside. Her journey — based on the nuked-out zombie under a shopping cart — takes her to what used to be a shopping center. It's an eerie scene, and for me, someone who had a baby during the pandemic, a very upsetting one.

June and John Sr.

The clip featuring June (Jenna Elfman) and John Sr. (Keith Carradine) is even more depressing:

The footage starts with June and John Sr. living in Teddy's (John Glover) bunker. Teddy was a serial killer, and when a disturbance makes a hole in the bunker's wall, June and John Sr. find Teddy's old kill room. It's dark and grim, a room filled with surgical instruments and saws and embalming fluid. John Sr. is understandably upset, and June tries to console him by saying that Teddy couldn't hurt anyone else.

John Sr., however, doesn't look consoled. "It's not too late," he says at the end of the clip. "It's never too late."

It's too early to know what happens next, however, as the season doesn't come out until October. We do know that we'll see these four actors in season 7, at least, along with Sydney Lemmon as Isabelle. Gus Halper is also joining the cast as a new character named Will.

Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead premieres on AMC Sunday, October 17, 2021 with new episodes premiering early on AMC+.