Cool Stuff: Grogu Connects To The Force In 'The Mandalorian' Statue From Iron Studios

Last fall, The Mandalorian saw The Child who came to be revealed as Grogu reconnect with The Force in a big way. When the titular bounty hunter brought the little guy to Tython, he called out to any surviving Jedi that might be listening. Soon Star Wars fans will be able to bring home that pivotal moment in the form of an Iron Studios statue of Grogu sitting on top of the Seeing stone that allows him to feel The Force through the ancient ruins of a Jedi Temple. Check it out below.

The Mandalorian Grogu Statue

Here's the official production description from Iron Studios:

Iron Studios presents its statue "Grogu Legacy Replica 1/4 – The Mandalorian – Iron Studios" derived from this iconic scene from the second season of the series The Mandalorian.

In a trance-like state, having visions or reaching someone or something through the Force, while an energy field forms around him, the little child called Grogu (Baby Yoda) remains seated on top of the so-called Seeing stone. This rock is shaped like a dome in the ancient ruins of a temple, with runes inscribed at the bottom, where it says that if a Force-sensitive being meditates on its top, it will send a beacon of energy to any other Force-sensitive being nearby.

The Mandalorian Grogu Statue

We all know how this call through The Force turned out in the second season finale, and we'll soon find out how Lucasfilm pulled off the secretive and surprising conclusion in a new special looking at the making of the return of Luke Skywalker.

The Mandalorian Grogu statue is made in polystone, though some parts contain resin, PVC, metal, and fabric. The Seer stone has light-up LED elements to give the feel of The Force flowing through the temple ruins. There are also two different head sculpts to change up the display.

If you want to pre-order The Mandalorian Grogu statue from Iron Studios, it's available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles for $520 and it will ship sometime in the third quarter of 2022.