'Hellraiser' Remake Auditioned 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star After Horror-Themed Runway Look

Pinhead has always had such sights to show us, but we almost got one who knew how to slay and sashay away.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyRuPaul's Drag Race season 13 finalist Gottmik revealed that the filmmakers behind Hulu's new Hellraiser movie reached out with an audition opportunity. The goth drag superstar did an incredible Pinhead-inspired runway look for the April finale of Drag Race that got the filmmakers' attention.

A New Approach to Pinhead

Gottmik, who goes by Kade Gottlieb out of drag, broke boundaries on this season's Drag Race by being the first trans man to compete. His runway designs and drag look have a heavy horror influence, with white face paint paired with lots of pleather and spikes.

"When they saw my Hellraiser [look], they gave me the audition for Pinhead. I did [go on tape]! But I wasn't menacing enough! I had to read a bunch, I was in my apartment, against the wall, full-on trying to be Pinhead, pretending to pull needles out of my head, just going in! It was so funny!"

While Gottmik ultimately didn't get the part, the audition shows that the folks behind the new Hellraiser are open to a totally different take on the character.

The new adaptation, helmed by The Night House and The Ritual director David Bruckner, will serve as the latest adaptation of Hellraiser creator Clive Barker's novella, The Hellbound Heart. Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski wrote the script. Originally David S. Goyer, the guy who wrote all of the Blade movies, was attached, but his involvement in the Hulu adaptation is unclear.

A transgender or femme Pinhead doesn't seem outside of the realm of possibility. Barker is an openly gay man and he's been vocal about LGBTQ+ rights for most of his career. Even if Gottlieb didn't get the part, he's willing to put in extra work to hang out with the demonic cenobites.

"I wanted to be Pinhead more than anything in my soul, but, also, I'm like, I get that! I mean, at least let me walk on the carpet in that look! I'll make a new one! I just want to be there. I'll just be in the background next to Pinhead!"

Gottlieb could always try out for the Hellraiser TV show in the works, helmed by Halloween director David Gordon Green and executive produced by Barker. Or he can reach out to Barker himself about a reboot, as the rights to the franchise return to the author at the end of this year.