'We Have A Ghost': 'Freaky And 'Happy Death Day' Director Christopher Landon Just Started Filming A Mysterious Netflix Movie

Christopher Landon, the filmmaker behind the Happy Death Day series, Freaky, and more, just started working on a mysterious new Netflix project. Based on a post on social media, we know the film is called We Have a Ghost (unless that's just a working title). Beyond that, though, we have next to no info. Landon himself clarified that despite that title, and his background, this isn't a horror movie. So what is it? I think I might know. Unless I'm 100% wrong, which is something that happens from time to time.

Christopher Landon, who wrote multiple Paranormal Activity movies (including the upcoming reboot), and directed Happy Death DayHappy Death Day 2U, and Freaky, is currently at work on a Netflix movie. We know this because Landon posted the news himself, which you can see above. The slate lists the movie's title as We Have a Ghost, and while you might think that makes this a horror movie, Landon has stressed it's not. We'll talk more about that in a moment.

While Landon may not be a household name just yet, he's built up a great body of work, so anything new from him is worth checking out. The Happy Death Day movies are both way better than they have any right to be, and the recent Freaky was just wonderful across the board. I'm all-in on whatever the heck We Have a Ghost ends up being.

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So just what is We Have a Ghost? This is pure guesswork on my part, but I think it might be a project first announced back in 2017. Back then, Landon was revealed as the director of Ernest, an adaptation of a short story by Geoff Manaugh. Described as "A socially mediated ghost story," Ernest, as Deadline explained back in 2017:

"begins with Jimmy Kimmel asking his TV audience if it wants to see a real ghost. That would be Ernest, so named by the homeowner who discovered him because the apparition looks a bit like Ernest Borgnine. The homeowner, Frank, begins filming his housebound ghost, and sending out the results to the world through social media. The spirit is mostly harmless, confused by his exploitation, but Ernest becomes a global viral sensation...He conscripts his high school senior Kevin to be part of a series of dinner parties held in the house to cash in on the ghost. This takes a sketchy turn when the teen, and the ghost, turn up missing, endangering Frank's plans to monetize."

Again: this is all a guess, so I have no idea if We Have a Ghost really is the Ernest adaptation Landon was attached to. But the ghost element, coupled with Landon stressing this is not a horror movie, certainly seems to line up with that theory.