Wes Anderson's Next Movie Adds Wes Anderson Regular Adrien Brody

Yo, Adrien. Wes Anderson casting news tends to have the feel of watching something along the lines of the MCU circa Phase One, with Nick Fury roaming around the Marvel universe and recruiting individual Avengers for the inevitable team-up down the line.

This one is no different, as Deadline reports that Adrien Brody has apparently joined the cast for Anderson's next upcoming feature. We know little in the way of actual details about this project, but we do know that it's shaping up to be a triumvirate of actors who are well familiar with the quirky and distinctive filmmaker. In fact, all three just appeared together in Anderson's The French Dispatch. We have to assume informal discussions for this next film took place on set between takes, because how great would that be?

Putting the Team Together

After this still-untitled movie, Brody will have starred in no less than five Wes Anderson films. In addition to the yet-to-be-released The French Dispatch, the most recent was his mustache-twirling villain Dmitri in Grand Budapest Hotel. Previously, he added a voice role in Fantastic Mr. Fox and before that was his turn in The Darjeeling Limited. Brody also teamed up with Anderson for a holiday-themed short back in 2016 that was made as a commercial for clothing line H&M. Who said art and commerce can't co-exist?

To this point, we know that frequent Anderson collaborator Bill Murray is already attached to the upcoming project. Murray, of course, has a long history with the filmmaker that stretches back to 1998's Rushmore, which still just might be Anderson's best (if you ask me, at least). Murray's also appeared in a grand total of eight other of his films, including each and every one that Brody previously signed on to.

The wonderful and talented Tilda Swinton is also set to appear in this next film, after enjoying roles in Anderson's last three films: Isle of DogsThe Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom. Swinton has previously been quoted as saying that "...it's not about Spain" despite being shot there, and Anderson has been equally as dodgy in explaining that he's "...not ready to share any details" just yet. We're also still in the dark regarding just what to expect from the project, including whether it could signal Anderson stepping into Western genre territory (or not).

If you need your Wes Anderson fix, The French Dispatch is on track for release on July 24, 2020.