Tom Hiddleston Acknowledges The Truth, Agrees With Alligator Loki Supremacy

We've seen a lot of Lokis now, given the events of the first season of the Disney+ series Loki. But with so many Lokis to choose from, how do you decide which one is the best, the most supreme version of the god of mischief?

Or is it that tough? Not really, to be honest. Tom Hiddleston — who's been the only Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Loki we've known for a decade — knows which Loki is the best. And it isn't him.

In a recent Tumblr Q&A (via Screenrant), a fan asked Hiddleston the following question: "Which version of Loki is the superior one, and why is it Alligator Loki?"

The answer, to Hiddleston, was obvious:

"OK, well, you know, what can I say? I've been toiling away at this character going on for 11 years. And I have given everything I can only to be upstaged, perhaps inevitably, by the one true Loki, the superior Loki, which is Alligator Loki. You know I sort of knew it was coming. I felt I was going to be substituted at some point. And I'm glad it's finally happened. Alligator Loki has arrived. And, yeah, thrown his hat down. And the rest of us simply have to get out of the way at this point."

Alligator Loki Will Rule Over Us All

While Alligator Loki was only on the screen for a few short moments, he undoubtedly stole the show. We first see him at the end of episode 4 after Ravonna sent Hiddleston's Loki to The Void. It was just a quick shot then, a glimpse of the most amazing Loki ever. He's accompanied in that scene by three other Loki variants: Richard E. Grant as an older, classic version of Loki, a kid version of Loki (Jack Veal), and a Loki with a steampunk version of Mjolnir (Deobia Oparei).

However, Alligator Loki received more screen time in the next episode, which is where he truly won our hearts. Arguably, his most memorable moment comes halfway through the episode when the reptilian variant bites the hand off a Loki Variant running for political office.

Will Alligator Loki make an appearance in season 2 of Loki? One can only hope and dream that will be the case. As Hiddleston jokingly says above, the rest of us simply have to get out of Alligator Loki's way. That Loki variant is leading his best life, and every other Loki should follow his example.

The first season of Loki is streaming on Disney+.