Richard E. Grant Has A Pitch For His Own 'Loki' Spin-Off And It Involves Alligator Loki

Is there any actor in the business right now who's having more fun than Richard E. Grant? In recent years, the esteemed thespian has shown up in Game of Thrones as a hilariously snobbish actor in a traveling play, as "Shiver" in Disney's bizarrely compelling The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (a movie and a performance than I'm 50% sure I must have hallucinated), and lived out his dream as a First Order officer in The Rise of Skywalker. It was an utter coup for Marvel to grab him for their ongoing Loki series and Grant has some tongue-in-cheek ideas about where to take things next.

Let Richard E. Grant Do Whatever He Wants

Not content to stop at merely putting on those Loki horns in that absurdly perfect outfit, the "Classic Loki" actor outlines his very serious conditions for coming back to play the character in some future project, especially since (spoiler alert) nobody ever really stays dead in these things anyway. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grant offered a pitch for a Classic Loki series:

"If I had a muscle suit, most certainly. I was denied that. I saw the costume design, and I was very familiar with Jack Kirby's original illustrations from the '60s, so I thought, 'Ah, this guy's got muscles!' As I had been born without any, I was finally going to get in a muscle suit. I got to Atlanta [to begin filming], and they said, 'There's no muscle suit! You're just wearing this!' I said, 'But I look like Kermit the Frog!' They said, 'Nope, you're not having a muscle suit.' So I was very, very upset about that. [Laughs] Short-changed!"

See You Later Alligator

So what would a Classic Loki series look like, muscle suit aside? According to Grant, it would involve that infamously demanding costar, Alligator Loki:

"Alligator Loki was fantastic because in reality, he was three stuffed sofa cushions that had been sewn roughly together to react to. [Laughs] The fact that I was the only person that could understand what he was saying was just fantastic. I think it's the perfect segue into having Classic Old Loki and Alligator Loki as a sub-series to go to next."

"I am the Doctor Dolittle of the Marvel universe when it comes to speaking to alligators. I speak alligator fluently. Put that in the contract of when I'm doing a series as Classic Old Loki, with muscles and the alligator. It'll have subtitles, so the audience can hear what the alligator is saying, and everyone else is saying, 'What is he saying? What is he talking about?' That'll be the way."

There probably aren't many MCU projects at this point that crowds wouldn't turn out in droves to see, but I feel reasonably confident that The Further Adventures of Classic Loki and Alligator Loki would be a smash hit on Disney+, or even as a movie of its own. Hit me up, Marvel. Grant and I will be patiently awaiting your calls.

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