'Alice, Darling': Anna Kendrick Is Keeping Secrets In Female-Led Psychological Thriller Directed By Mary Nighy

It's time for Anna Kendrick to change pitch.

The actress is set to star in Lionsgate's Alice, Darling, the feature film debut of director Mary Nighy. The film will also star Wunmi Mosaku (Loki), Kaneiehtiio Horn (PossessorLetterkenny), and Charlie Carrick (Reign), and is currently shooting in Canada with the support of Ontario Creates and Urban Post.

Alice, Darling focuses on Alice (Kendrick), a young woman who begins acting strangely. She starts keeping secrets about her mysterious and mercurial boyfriend (Carrick) from her two best friends (Mosaku and Horn). When the three take a girls' trip out of town, secrets begin unraveling. A local girl goes missing and Alice's boyfriend shows up unannounced, which leads to suspicions and so much more.

"Alice, Darling is a subtle, nuanced story about coercion and control. As a director, I couldn't wish for a better cast of talented actors and creatives to bring this important story to life. The chemistry between Anna Kendrick, Wunmi Mosaku, and Kaniehtiio Horn as the three friends is a joy to see," Nighy said in a press release.

Nighy previously worked in television, directing episodes of several BBC series, including IndustryTracesand Silent WitnessAlice, Darling was written by Alanna Francis (The Rest of Us) and produced by Katie Bird Nolan, Lindsay Tapscott, Christina Piovesan, and Noah Segal, and executive produced by Kendrick and Sam Tipper-Hale. The film will be created and released by a partnership between Lionsgate, Babe Nation Films, Elevation Pictures, and Castelletto Films. Lionsgate will handle worldwide distribution, except in Canada, which will be handled by Elevation.

A Fiercely Femme Feature Film

Apparently, Lionsgate has been looking to expand their slate of releases and tailor their rollouts based upon their genres. Giving the go-ahead to an independent psychological thriller starring three women is a step toward inclusion and much-needed cinematic diversity.

"Alice, Darling is just the kind of film we are looking to champion at Lionsgate, a captivating psychological thriller with three strong women at the center," said Lauren Bixby, VP, Acquisitions and Co-Productions at Lionsgate. "We are excited to support this amazing female-led team of filmmakers and diverse cast."

"We strive to tell female stories unflinchingly, with nuance, care, and authenticity," the producers at Babe Nation Films added in the release. "Alice, Darling will keep audiences riveted, but ultimately, it is a story of female resilience and empowerment. We are so proud to be working with Alanna, Mary, our brilliant cast, Elevation, Castelletto, and Lionsgate on this project."