'Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified' Trailer: Netflix Wants To Know If The Truth Is Out There

This summer belongs to UFOs. Showtime has an upcoming docu-series devoted to the UFO phenomenon and there was that recent New York Times story that revealed the Pentagon had been secretly tracking UFOs for years. Now, Netflix is getting in on that sweet, sweet alien action with the (poorly named) series Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified. Watch a trailer below.

Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified Trailer

It looks like UFOs are going to be big this summer. Recently we learned that Showtime was teaming with J.J. Abrams for a four-part docu-series called UFO – a series that will examine "our fascination with unidentified flying objects, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies, and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas."

And now Netflix has a UFO docu-series of their own. It's called Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified, and it's not entirely new. It looks like the show originated in the UK on TV and is finally making its way to the U.S. via Netflix. Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified is described as an "Original factual television series featuring the most recent information and proof exposing the most top-secret government projects that handled contacts with and cover-ups of, extraterrestrial presence on Earth." I like that they put "factual" in that description there.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified hits Netflix on August 3.

Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

I don't believe in aliens. Well, let me rephrase. I don't believe in aliens flying around Earth in UFOs. Is there a possibility of alien life out there on some extremely distant planet in an even further galaxy that we know nothing about? Absolutely. But are they zipping around our skies in flying sauces and occasionally abducting people? No, I don't think so. But many other people do, and that's fine!

At the very least, we can agree that something is going on. In 2020, Congress ordered the Pentagon to issue a report on UFOs. This came on the heels of a New York Times story that revealed the Pentagon had been secretly studying the UFO phenomenon for years. As the Times story stated:

In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find.

Which was how the Pentagon wanted it.

For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times. It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon's C Ring, deep within the building's maze.

The NYT story kicked off a new wave of interest in UFOs. Just last month, the Pentagon finally delivered the report Congress had asked for, and came to the conclusion that "no convincing evidence that alien spacecraft have been spotted." But of course, if you're a conspiracy theorist, there's no way in hell you're just going to take the Pentagon's word for it. If anything, you'll likely believe the Pentagon and the government as a whole are covering something up – and that's understandable.

In any case, while I may not be a believer, I am a sucker for shows about UFOs and the unexplained in general. So I'm thrilled that I'll have not one but two different UFO docu-series to look forward to.