'Spider-Man: No Way Home' LEGO Sets Offer Potentially Perplexing Details On The Marvel Movie

Sometimes, the worst enemy of major blockbusters can be merchandising. Since toys, collectibles, shirts, lunchboxes, and more need to be created before a movie releases in theaters, there are often product leaks and releases that reveal details on a given project before they've been officially announced. This is especially true when it comes to the movies of Marvel Studios

Before we've even seen a trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, a trio of LEGO sets have offered some perplexing details for the sequel. Not only do these Spider-Man: No Way Home LEGO sets reveal a new Spidey suit for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to swing around in, but they feature some surprising characters, and they're not any of the alternate versions of Spider-Man from the previous Sony Pictures film franchises, as rumors have suggested.

Before we get into these Spider-Man: No Way Home LEGO sets, you should know that there are possible spoilers here. Let this image of Peter and his buds be your final warning buffer.

Spider-Man vs Mysterio's Drone

Right off the bat, we're confused by this LEGO set. It features Spider-Man slinging webs at a drone controlled by Mysterio, who has stolen a ruby (not an Infinity Stone) for some reason. Joining in the battle is Nick Fury in a little tactical vehicle with sirens.

This is a small LEGO set intended for younger builders. The box art indicates that this set (and the others below) are "Inspired by Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Far From Home," which would seem to imply this could be a scene from the film. But it could also easily just be a LEGO set featuring the film franchise's renditions of those characters in a fun playset that doesn't actually have anything to do with the movie. After all, we haven't heard anything about Mysterio coming back.

Spider-Man's Drone Duel

There's even more drone-fighting action in this other LEGO set said to be inspired by Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, in this set, not only is Spider-Man swinging around in a black and gold suit, but he's also swinging from a giant black and gold drone that's chasing down the villainous Vulture.

What the hell is going on here? This is even more wacky than the set above, and it's not intended for younger builders (even though it's still clearly for kids). Again, we haven't heard anything about Vulture coming back for this movie, and there hasn't been any word on Spider-Man getting such a dramatic makeover in this sequel. So again, we're thinking this could be one of those playsets that just gets branded with Spider-Man: Far From Home but has nothing to do with the movie. Then again, maybe it's Spider-Man and Vulture in a completely different Marvel universe.

Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop

All right, now this one seems like it's a set that might actually tell us something about Spider-Man: No Way Home. In this set, Spider-Man and MJ are in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Santorum with the Sorcerer Supreme himself and his trusty partner Wong. There's some kind of big bug that they have to deal with, as well as a bunch of interesting artifacts from the mystical location.

There have been rumblings that Spider-Man: No Way Home finds Peter Parker taking refuge with Doctor Strange after his secret identity as Spider-Man was revealed by J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man: Far From Home credits scene. MJ and Ned accompany him after being labeled as accomplices to Spider-Man's crimes.

Aside from all the cool little details in this set, the most intriguing detail is what appears to be an entrance to some kind of secret room. Plot rumors for Spider-Man: No Way Home have given us some idea what might be behind the secret entrance, and it involves reports we've heard of previous Spider-Man franchise villains returning, like Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, Jamie Foxx as Electro, and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, who may be the film's primary bad guy.

Based on what's shown in these LEGO sets, it seems like Marvel Studios is still keeping a lot of things about Spider-Man: No Way Home close to the chest. You'll notice that there's no sign of multiple Spider-Men just yet, and I'm betting that side of the merchandise is being held back to avoid any more leaks about the potential involvement of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Since Spider-Man: No Way Home is slated for release on December 17, 2021, so hopefully we'll be getting a trailer sooner than later. Perhaps it will arrive next week with Black Widow coming to theaters. In the meantime, all three of the Spider-Man: No Way Home LEGO sets will be released in October, and you can get more details at The LEGO Shop.