Cool Stuff: 'Wayne's World' Poster By Jeff Boyes Recommends The Sugar Pucks (Which Are Excellent)

Wayne's World is one of the best comedies of the '90s, and it deserves to be commemorated on the walls of those who believe it to be a totally amazing, excellent discovery. That's why we're glad to see artist Jeff Boyes has released a new variant version of his outstanding Wayne's World print entitled "I Recommend the Sugar Pucks." This comes after a limited edition version of the art sold out at Gallery 1988 during their holiday sale last year. We're not worthy!

Jeff Boyes Wayne's World Poster

Jeff Boyes Wayne's World Poster

"I Recommend the Sugar Pucks" (Variant)

5-color screenprint

24 x 12 inches

Numbered, timed edition

The Jeff Boyes Wayne's World print is a numbered but timed edition that will be on sale now through July 1 at 11:59 A.M. PT. That means you have a few days to see if you can resist the allure of this incredible illustration of Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) walking up to their hangout, Stan Mikita's Donuts in Aurora, IL. However many prints are sold, that's how many will be printed. So this will be much easier for you to get ahold of than the previous print, which only had an edition of 50.

It's easy to see why this print sold out. Not only are truly great Wayne's World posters like this hard to come by, but the artwork in question is fantastic. If you look in the windows of Stan Mikita's Donuts, you'll see the back of Glen, the shop's troubled manager played by Ed O'Neill. Sitting at the coffee bar is also Mike Hagerty as Davey, presumably fresh off getting laid off. Plus, Wayne's ex-girlfriend Stacy (Lara Flynn Boyle) is there, waiting to give him that gun rack. It's only missing Garth's "girlfriend," which is a shame.