Here's The Translation For That 'Loki' Drinking Song Tom Hiddleston Sings In Episode 3

The latest episode of Loki had Variants Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) go through a lot. Stuck on the doomed moon Lamentis-1, they had to deal with a planet breaking apart, the collapse of society, and philosophical discussions about love.

We also learned a lot more about Loki and Sylvie, including — in Loki's case — one of his Asgardian drinking songs. I'm referring to that drunken tune he warbles in another language on the train. He sings it earnestly (albeit drunkenly) to Sylvie, and for us non-Norwegian speakers, we didn't know what he was saying. We now have an English translation of those lyrics, and it reveals a bit more about what Loki might be feeling as the moon he's on crumbles.

That Happy Drinking Tune is Sad, Actually

ScreenRant's translation of the tune reveals the song to be a sad one, full of loneliness and loss. Here's the English translation:

In storm-blackened mountains I wander alone

Across glaciers I travel forthIn the apple orchard the fair maiden standsAnd sings, "When will you come home?(Chorus in English) When she sings, she sings, "Come home."

I can't help but think Loki's thinking about himself (as he often does) when he's singing this song. Even before he became a Variant and entangled with the TVA, he's always been somewhat of an outsider. When he was a child on Asgard, he always felt apart from Thor and others his age. This sense of loneliness only increased when he found out he was adopted, so a song about being alone fits perfectly with Loki's life.

What About Sylvie?

And then there's that fair maiden who asks for him to come home. Loki sings those lyrics to Sylvie, and maybe he's asking her to come into the Loki fold. Or maybe he's singing about his mother, and appealing to Sylvie, who didn't know her mom, with his affection for the the posthumous Queen of Asgard.

Whatever the reason, the song speaks to the feeling of loneliness and loss that both Variants feel. Will either or both come to feel less alone in the remaining three episodes? Perhaps, though there's sure to be a lot of ramifications to the multiverse as they continue on their psychological journeys.

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