Spoiler Alert: The 'Loki' Variant Has Their Own Character Poster

The second episode of Loki made the mystery of the time traveling criminal at the center of the Marvel Studios series infinitely more intriguing. After the first episode revealed that the time-hopping troublemaker in question was Loki himself, the end of the second episode, appropriately titled "The Variant," revealed a surprising detail about this alternate version of Loki.

Now that the weekend is over, Marvel Studios is pulling the curtain back completely with a new character poster revealing the true identity of The Variant. So, uh, spoilers!

Loki Variant Poster

Lady Loki Poster

That's right, the second episode of Loki revealed The Variant was actually none other than Loki herself. Actress Sophia Di Martino is playing a female version of the God of Mischief, decked out with her own headgear and cloak. But more importantly, she has some kind of nefarious plan that has disrupted the Sacred Timeline. We're not sure why, but it has the potential to create a massive multiversal war.

But there's even more mystery behind this female Loki. Because even though everyone is assuming that this is Lady Loki from Marvel Comics, the character could potentially be someone else entirely, which would change our perspective on The Variant entirely.

Surely the motivations of The Variant will be a big part of what Loki is looking to discover after leaving the Time Variance Authority in the dust. We know Loki will be spending some more time with The Variant based on footage from the trailers. But what will this relationship spawn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Or is the MCU not big enough for the two different versions of Loki? We'll have to keep watching the Marvel series to find out.

The first two episodes of Marvel's Loki are streaming on Disney+ right now.