All Hail The Queen! Mothra Takes Flight As Mondo's Latest Premium Scale Statue

Perhaps the greatest foe that Godzilla has ever faced is none other than Mothra. The flying kaiju has also squared of with many other giant monsters, making her worthy of worship. Now you can bow down to the queen by purchasing Mondo's new premium scale statue inspired by her appearance in Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, where she goes head-to-head with the giant lizard to keep him from destroying Tokyo...again. With vibrant colors and impressive wingspan, this looks like a must-have for the most die-hard Godzilla fans out there.

Mondo Mothra Statue

Mondo Motrha Statue

Here's the official product description from Mondo.:

Throughout the years, Mothra has battled it out with Godzilla and many other giant sized threats. But her battle in the intense GODZILLA: TOKYO SOSĀ film is one of her most impressive and heartbreaking battles to date! Represented here is Mothra as she appeared in the that film, perched over her egg and ready to defend the planet once again.

Sculpted by Matt Black, designed by Ian MacDonald, painted by Hector Arce, and with packagingĀ illustration by Tom Whalen, this Premium Scale Statue stands at 16 inches tall and with a wingspan of 19 inches wide!

Mondo Motrha Statue

You'll notice that Mothra is perched above her egg on the statue. If you get the limited edition version of the statue from Mondo, you'll also get a swappable egg featuring her twin larva hatching.

The Mondo Mothra statue costs $375 for the regular edition and $395 for the limited edition. There are payment plans available, so check out Mondo's site for more details.