'The Flash' Director Teases New Costume With A Revised Lightning Logo

Production on The Flash is currently underway in the U.K. It's the first solo adventure for Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster, and he'll have some exciting company with him in the form of Michael Keaton returning as Tim Burton's version of Batman. Director Andy Muschietti recently teased The Dark Knight's suit from the set of the DC Comics movie, and now he's given the Crimson Comet the same courtesy, revealing a tease of the Flash movie costume, including a revised lightning logo.

The Flash Movie Costume

Andy Muschietti posted the above image on Instagram without offering any caption, other than a tag for the official Instagram account for The Flash. It's not quite as ominous or thrilling as seeing the old school Batman logo with some blood dripped on it, but at least it provides a glimpse of the new costume The Flash will be speeding around in.

This version of The Flash suit looks far less industrial than the one that Ezra Miller wore for Justice League. The previous suit looked like snap-on armor fitted onto a skin-tight suit, complete with metal wires wrapped around certain areas. It looked like it was made to help conduct electricity, whereas this new suit almost looks like it's made to prevent electricity from harming Barry Allen.

Examining the New Suit

Based on the above photo, the new costume looks rubbery, perhaps as a way of insulating The Flash and keeping him safe from any electricity that he might generate while running at high speeds. It actually has a retro feel to it, which makes me wonder if the suit The Flash originally wears will be destroyed in some way, prompting Bruce Wayne to make a new suit for him.

Along with an endless amount of grooves in the suit that make it look like a basketball, there's a new logo for The Flash that resembles the classic logo a bit more, giving it a golden metal shimmer. We're not sure what those grooves are in the gold ring, but it's interesting that they seem to connect to the circular lines in the silver part of the logo. This may also have something to do with how the suit reacts to the electricity created by The Flash's super speed.

Hopefully we'll have a look at the full suit soon. With production underway in London, there are bound to be spy photos that catch Ezra Miller in the full ensemble. But if production is spending a lot of time indoors on soundstages rather than shooting on location, then we might have to wait a bit.

The Flash arrives in theaters on November 4, 2022.