'Twilight Of The Gods' Reveals Cast For Zack Snyder's Norse Mythology Anime Series For Netflix

Zack Snyder's next Netflix project will be divine. Last summer, it was announced that the Army of the Dead filmmaker was teaming up with longtime creative partner Jay Oliva (The Dark Knight Returns) to create an all-new anime series for Netflix that will be set "in the world of Norse mythology." As part of Netflix's Geeked Week, the streamer announced the cast for the Norse-inspired anime series, which is now officially titled Twilight of the Gods.

The cast is stacked with actors you may recognize from all over the place, including Sylvia Hoeks as Sigrid, Stuart Martin as Leif, Pilou Asbæk as Thor, John Noble as Odin, Paterson Joseph as Loki, Rahul Kohli as Egill, Jamie Clayton as The Seid-Kona, Kristopher Hivju as Andvari, Peter Stormare as Ulfr, Jamie Chung as Hel, Lauren Cohan as Inge, and Corey Stoll as Hrafnkel.

And if you're more of a face person than a name person, this image will help you out.

A Stacked Cast

It's a little strange that Netflix didn't clarify that Twilight of the Gods is an anime series in the tweet, and considering the cast assembled for the series, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a live-action show. I mean, who casts Kristofer Hivju in a Norse-inspired project and doesn't dress him up as a Norse god?

But an anime series it is, with Snyder serving as executive producer on the series, while Jay Oliva will serve as showrunner, director, and executive producer. Oliva has worked with Snyder on over a dozen live-action feature films including Justice League, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 300: Rise of an Empire, and Man of Steel, but he has directed DC Comics animated films like Batman vs. Robin and Justice League Dark. He's also got a Netflix animated series of his own on the way, based on the Filipino horror comic, Tresewhose animation style bears a resemblance to the DC animated superhero movies he's worked on before. So we can likely expect Twilight of the Gods to look similar to that, even if it's being billed as an "anime."

Snyder is no stranger to animation either, with his 2010 film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole acting as a stunning testament to CG animation, if a messy movie overall.

Also producing the series are Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller alongside Snyder through Stone Quarry Animation, their production company's newest venture with Oliva.