Watch The First 5 Minutes Of 'Trese,' Netflix's Gorgeous Animated Horror Series

Filipino horror is about to break into the States in a major way with the new Netflix animated series Trese. Based on the acclaimed Filipino horror komik by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo BaldisimoTrese follows the adventures of Alexandra Trese (Shay Mitchell), a detective who deals with crimes of supernatural origin. In the first opening scene of Trese, which Netflix has released as part of its ongoing Geeked Week, we get to see her investigate one of those crimes, which involves a satanic ritual and a ghostly lady. Watch the first five minutes below.

Trese Opening 5 Minutes

I'm not going to go on a rant again about how Trese is not really anime, despite Netflix's liberal use of the label. If anything, the stunning animation is more akin to the art style of 2010s-era American superhero shows — which is kind of fitting, as the title character Alexandra Trese is basically a female John Constantine. She's a detective who deals with supernatural crimes, facing off against ghosts, demons, and all kinds of creepy urban nightmares. The thing I'm most interested to see is the inclusion of Filipino horror folklore, which I — and I'm sure many Netflix viewers — am not overly familiar with.

In Trese, "When it comes to the supernatural, the cops have Alexandra Trese on speed dial. Set in Manila and based on the award-winning Filipino comic, TRESE brings horror folklore like you've never heard before."

Trese, which began publishing in 2005 and is still ongoing, is a point of national pride for Filipino comic book fans, and went on to win Best Graphic Literature in the 29th National Book Award in November 2010. The animated series is doing its due diligence to pay tribute to those Filipino roots, casting an-all Filipino cast on both the English and Tagalog dubs, with well-known Filipino stars like Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), Darren Criss (American Crime Story), Manny Jacinto (The Good Place), and Dante Basco (Avatar: The Last Airbender) among the English dub cast members. And it's satisfying to hear that, even in the English dub, the characters speak with Filipino accents.

Watch the opening in Tagalog below.

The Complete Voice Cast of Trese

Here is the voice cast for the English dub of Trese:

  • Shay Mitchell – Alexandra Trese
  • Griffin Puatu – The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio), Bantay
  • Matt Yang King – Captain Guerrero, Dominic
  • Jon Jon Briones – Hank, Xa-Mul
  • Steve Blum – Datu Talagbusao, Ibwa
  • Carlos Alazraqui – Anton Trese, Santelmo
  • Manny Jacinto – Maliksi
  • Eric Bauza – Nuno the Snitch, Bagyon Lektro
  • Darren Criss – Marco
  • Nicole Scherzinger – Miranda Trese
  • Lou Diamond Phillips – Mayor Sancho Santamaria
  • Dante Basco – Bagyon Kulimlim
  • Rodney To – Aswang market guard
  • And below is the cast list is for the original Filipino language version:

  • Liza Soberano – Alexandra Trese
  • Simon dela Cruz – The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio)
  • Apollo Abraham – Captain Guerrero
  • Christopher Carlo Caling – Hank
  • Eugene Adalia – Anton Trese
  • Cheska Aguiluz – Miranda Trese
  • Christian Velarde – Nuno
  • Bryan Encarnacion – Datu Talagbusao
  • Nica Rojo – Ramona
  • Jose Amado Santiago – Marco
  • Steve dela Cruz – Maliksi
  • Rene Tandoc – Mayor Santamaria
  • Steffi Graf Bontogon-Mola – Young, Teen Alexandra
  • Trese debuts on Netflix on June 11, 2021.