Cool Stuff: Marvel Legends Odin And Surtur Action Figures Dig Into The 'Thor' Franchise

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After reaching back into the Iron Man franchise for a new wave of Marvel Legends figures inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hasbro is also turning a couple more characters from the Thor franchise into action figures.

Digging back into the original Thor, we're finally getting an action figure of Anthony Hopkins as Thor's powerful father Odin. But if you're looking for a towering villain for Thor to go up against on your collectible shelf, you can bring the molten villain Surtur from Thor: Ragnarok to your shelf.

Marvel Legends Odin Action Figure

Anthony Hopkins can be yours, complete with awesome helmet! The king of Asgard, protector of the Nine Realms, and father of Thor, Odin has learned to appreciate peace over the centuries. This quality 6-inch Legends Series Odin figure features multiple points of articulation and is a great addition to any action figure collection. Figure includes alternate head, swappable hands, and a staff.

It's a shame that this isn't a deluxe figure that comes with another body for Odin in plainclothes from Thor: Ragnarok. Then we'd have a complete figure set for both of Odin's looks from the entire Thor franchise. But then we'd have to pay much more for the figure, and as it stands, it's already a little too pricey with a $26.49 price tag to pre-order the figure for a September release.

Marvel Legends Surtur Action Figure

Oh no! Thor's in a cage. How did this happen?" It's this guy's fault! The oversized Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Thor Ragnarok Surtur 6-Inch Scale Action Figure may have had something to do with it! The classic monster features a massive flame sword, swappable hands, and of course an inert version of his helmet which may provide some use later in the story. (We're not going to spoil it. You're going to have to watch Thor Ragnarok and trust us, it's worth it. Then you can come back and buy this figure and buy the other ones you missed.)

Standing at 13-inches tall, Surtur is big enough to do battle with Thor with his huge flaming sword. Sure, the scale isn't quite right, since Surtur is even bigger than Thor in the movie, but imagine how much you'd have to pay for an 18-inch or 24-inch version of Surtur to be screen accurate. Even if the size isn't quite right, the use of the translucent red-orange plastic makes this a solid addition to the Marvel Legends line-up of MCU characters. I'm not sure it's totally worth the $49.99 price to pre-order for a September release, but maybe it will go on sale down the road.