Cool Stuff: It's Iron Man Vs. Thanos In The Marvel Legends 'Avengers: Endgame' Final Battle Two-Pack

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It's been two years since Avengers: Endgame delivered an epic end to The Infinity Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark sacrificed himself in order to save the world and bring everybody back that Thanos snapped out of existence for five years. Now Marvel Legends is finally giving fans the chance to recreate that moment on their collectible shelf with a new action figure two-pack of Iron Man and Thanos, each battle-damaged with an assembly of accessories.

Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Action Figures

Marvel Legends - Iron Man and Thanos Two-PackMarvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Action Figures

Iron Man steps onto the battlefield against Thanos in the ultimate fight for the fate of the universe. This set has it all! Get not one, but two 6-inch scale super-articulated action figures loaded with accessories. Iron Man has three sets of hands, three heads, two energy blasts, and an awesome weapon. Meanwhile, Thanos sports four heads, an alternate Infinity Gauntlet hand, and his double-bladed weapon. Both figures feature battle-damage, and are some of the coolest things ever made in this awesome collection.

Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Action Figures

My only problem with the Thanos figures in the Marvel legends collection is that they're not quite properly scaled compared to his appearance in the movie. Plus, its a little annoying that Thanos comes with several interchangeable heads, but most of them don't match up with with Iron Gauntlet, which doesn't have an alternate hand to swap out. For example, the head that makes it look like Thanos is being dusted doesn't make sense if he's wearing the Iron Gauntlet. But we have to take what we can get, I guess.

Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Action Figures

The Iron Man figure is a better offering, if only because of the outstanding 3D sculpt of Robert Downey Jr.'s likeness as Tony Stark. My only problem is that the suit should look a little more battle damaged, especially since Tony Stark's face shows the result of being knocked around by Thanos.

Anyway, at least both of the figures come with a hand in a snapping pose. That's all you really need to recreate the scene in question, and maybe you can use the other interchangeable heads on some of the other Marvel Legends action figures in our collection.

You can pre-order the Avengers: Endgame action figures two-pack at Entertainment Earth for $62.99, or you can wait to see if it ends up available at Amazon again.