'Pride' First Look: FX Documentary Series Spotlights The Fight For LGBTQ Civil Rights

FX is kicking off Pride Month a few weeks early with its upcoming documentary series Pride. A six-part documentary that spotlights the fight for LGBTQ civil rights across the decades, Pride comes from LGBTQ filmmakers Tom KalinAndrew AhnCheryl DunyeAnthony CaronnaAlex SmithYance Ford and Ro Haber as they examine the history of LGBTQ pride from the 1950s through the 2000s. Watch the Pride first look below.

Pride First Look

Directors Tom Kalin, Andrew Ahn, Cheryl Dunye, Anthony Caronna, Alex Smith, Yance Ford and Ro Haberdive step in front of the camera for the FX first look at Pride, to explain the significance of the documentary and its historic subject, and how the fight is still ongoing today, with the battle for transgender rights still being waged.

"This is the story of America. There's no place for complacency, we need to know our history," executive producer and showrunner Alex Stapleton described of the battle for LGBTQ rights.

The six-part documentary series focuses on everything from the FBI surveillance of homosexuals during the Lavendar Scare of the 1950s to the Culture Wars and AIDS crisis of the 1990s. Each episode is directed by a different filmmaker, who brings their own personal experiences and struggles to the story. Pride will also include archived footage from the decades-long fight, as well as interviews with key figures such as Madeleine Tress, videographer Nelson SullivanBayard Rustin, writer Audre Lord, Senators Tammy Baldwin and Lester Hunt, and trans pioneers Christine JorgensenFlawless SabrinaCeyenne DoroshowSusan StrykerKate BornsteinDean Spade and Raquel Willis.

Here is the synopsis for Pride:

Featuring little-known characters such as Madeleine Tress or 1980s videographer Nelson Sullivan who chronicled a vanishing downtown New York City during the AIDS epidemic, the series also features international figures such as Civil Rights pioneer Bayard Rustin, writer Audre Lorde and Senators Tammy Baldwin and Lester Hunt. The evolution of trans rights and identities through the decades is charted through interviews and archival footage of pioneers including Christine Jorgensen, Flawless Sabrina, Ceyenne Doroshow, Susan Stryker, Kate Bornstein, Dean Spade and Raquel Willis.

Pride will air on FX beginning with the first three episodes at 8:00 P.M. ET on May 14 and the final three episodes set to air on May 21 at 8:00 P.M. ET. The day after they premiere on FX, all episodes can be streamed on Hulu. You can see the previous trailer for Pride here.