Casting News: Gal Gadot Will Star In 'Meet Me In Another Life', Florence Pugh Joins 'The Wonder'

Gal Gadot and Florence Pugh are taking some time off from superhero movies to do other things. Gadot is set to star in Meet Me In Another Life, based on the novel by Catriona Silvey about a man and a woman who keep meeting in alternate realities. Gadot will also produce the film under her production label Pilot Wave. Meanwhile, Pugh will star in The Wonder from A Fantastic Woman director Sebastián Lelio. Based on the novel by Emma Donoghue, the story is a psychological thriller about a nurse in the 1800s who travels to a small village to look into what might be a medical anomaly or a full-blown miracle.

Meet Me In Another Life

Deadline is reporting that Gal Gadot will produce and star in Meet Me In Another Life, based on the Catriona Silvey novel of the same name. The book was just published this week, so you might not have even heard of it yet. If not, here's the synopsis:

Thora and Santi are strangers in a foreign city when a chance encounter intertwines their fates. At once, they recognize in each other a kindred spirit—someone who shares their insatiable curiosity, who is longing for more in life than the cards they've been dealt. Only days later, though, a tragic accident cuts their story short.

But this is only one of the many connections they share. Like satellites trapped in orbit around each other, Thora and Santi are destined to meet again: as a teacher and brilliant student; a caretaker and dying patient; a cynic and believer. In alternating realities they become friends, colleagues, lovers, and enemies. As blurred memories and strange patterns compound, Thora and Santi come to a shocking revelation—they must discover the truth of their mysterious attachment before their many lives come to one, final end.

This kind of sounds like The Adjustment Bureau, an enjoyable movie no one saw. Gadot is producing under her Pilot Wave banner with Jaron Varsano. Gadot and Varsano released the following statement about the project: "Catriona's characters are beautifully explored and deeply complex – their reincarnations sometimes bordering on taboo – that the payoff of their self-discovery feels genuine and earned. We're thrilled to partner with Chuck Roven and Richard Suckle to bring this story with many layers on the big screen."

Gadot recently appeared in both Wonder Woman 1984 and Zack Snyder's Justice League. She has Death on the Nile and the Netflix movie Red Notice on the way.

The Wonder

In other casting news, Deadline is also reporting that Florence Pugh, who will next appear in Black Widow, is going to star in Sebastián Lelio's The Wonder. Based on the novel by Emma Donoghue, the story follows an English nurse who "is brought to a small Irish village to observe what appears to be a miracle – a girl said to have survived without food for month – and soon finds herself fighting to save the child's life. Tourists flock to the cabin of eleven-year-old Anna O'Donnell, who believes herself to be living off manna from heaven, and a journalist is sent to cover the sensation. Lib Wright, a veteran of Florence Nightingale's Crimean campaign, is hired to keep watch over the girl."

Alice Birch wrote The Wonder script, and production is expected to begin in Ireland in August. Of these two projects, I'd say The Wonder is the more exciting/interesting, simply because Pugh is the superior actor and I'm interested in seeing pretty much everything and anything she does.